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GoDaddy Pro Program helps Bytesflow Technologies


      GoDaddy Pro Program assists Bytesflow Technologies accelerate revenue growth by 70%   Improved execution drives higher customer satisfaction with a 60 percent increase in the customer base Gurgaon, November 14, 2016 – GoDaddy, the world’s largest cloud platform dedicated to small, independent ventures has announced today that  Bytesflow Technologies, a Chennai-based creative web […]

Latest trends in Web Design 2020

Trends in web design, come and go like trends in fashion. The decision to follow a trend is purely based on the user and their business requirement. What Drives Change in Web Design? Technology: Advancements in the available technology and tools, both to access and build websites, largely determines what designers and developers can do. […]

6 important features of a taxi app

“Technology is not just a tool. It can give learners a voice that they may nothave had before. “ – George Couros The success of Uber comes across as a primeexample of how the on-demand service economy is flourishing even in thiscompetitive world. It comes across as an inspiration for business owners whoare looking to […]

10 reasons to have a mobile app for your business

10 reasons to have a mobile app for your business Every new idea looks crazy at first. So, does an idea about app development for your business. Most successful corporations and brands have developed mobile apps to further their business goals in 2017. An app not only elevates your marketing efforts, but can improve your […]

The Advantages Of Offering Discounts At Your Restaurant

THE ADVANTAGES OF OFFERING DISCOUNTS AT YOUR RESTAURANT So, you have successfully adapted your restaurant business with mobile app technology by building an app, a website, etc. Great! What next? What can I promote through my app? Discounts. Discounts can be offered through many ways, either through promo codes, referral codes, coupons, etc. Offering discounts […]

13 Tips to make good use of your restaurant app

Restaurant owners are always searching for new and fresh restaurant promotion ideas that will attract new customers. There is no justification for a reduced number of customers and lack of initiative in the segment of marketing. Planning off your restaurant promotion ideas after successfully creating an app may take some time, but trust me the […]

UI/UX Design

Today, web applications and mobile applications have became a shop front for almost all businesses in the world. Along with the splurge in digital occurrences, User interface (UI) and User experience (UX) have also unfolded as never before. Technically, User interface design or user interface engineering is the design of user interfaces for machines and […]

Hustle beats talent, when talent doesn’t hustle.

With a tap or clicks on the mobile phone, the hustling technology has completely replaced the days of hailing the taxi by shouting or waving hands by the new taxi dispatch software that allows booking the taxi on the go.   ‘Call me a taxi’, in the 21st century has changed to ‘App a taxi’. […]

An insight on Ecommerce store development

When it comes to e-commerce industry, you can either have it customized or use the existing hosted ones. Even though the hosted sites are easy to use and bring in the setup, you might face a few problems when it comes to the design and front end. This is precisely why, it’s better to have […]

Buy And Sell Marketplace Script – A new revolution in E-Commerce World

Online e-commerce, website creation, social network visits are common platforms where people connect on different levels. From setting up stores for e-commerce purposes to buying and selling of products online, in the recent years, there has been an increase in the interaction of people on the whole in social media and other common websites or […]

Top programming languages for E-commerce scripts

  With the extensive advancements in the field of web technology, almost all the business models have their own website. However, the first thing which will pop into everyone’s mind when an e-commerce site is being set up would be the thoughts on which programming language is best suitable. Any e-commerce website has the basic […]

Importance of a brilliant E-commerce Website Design

The usage of E-commerce website has seen an oceanic hike given the fact that top businesses have started investing in Internet-based markets which have paved way for a hike in their sales value as well. From local stores to top brands, there is an e-commerce store that is being set up. What matters most is […]

How to work on a strategy for your eCommerce solutions?

Social media marketing will help you in engaging audiences to create multiple traffic sources which will eventually bring in customers, and help you grow your business through networks. Sometimes, it will feel as if the tactics to bring in the traffic aren’t working. So here we are bringing out the best strategies for your E-commerce […]

How to finalize the perfect E-commerce online script?

What if you could setup your online store in lesser period time? Yes, sounds fascinating, doesn’t it? Nowadays, you need not crack your brains out to decide on which scripts are to be used and if good support will be available for bugs and errors that come up during regression or unit testing. All you […]

Your checklist for a perfect E-commerce website

Planning to bring up an E-Commerce website? Well before you start off big make sure you have the below listed points covered. Highlighting the checklist for a stable E-Commerce website. With the support of Bytesflow , sit and relax as we will get your ECommerce web development done with perfection and ease. 1. URL of […]

Do you Need affordable Website Design in Chennai??

Are you looking for cheap Website Design Company in Chennai?? Are you in need of a website for your small business?? We are a reputed Web Design Company in chennai who design professional and cheap websites for all industries, real estates, manufacturers, hotels, interior designings, marriage portals, saloons, automobiles, healthcare, hospitals, event managements, shopping carts, […]

Services Offered by a Website Design Company in Chennai

Chennai is a city where everything is available very easily. Whether it is shopping, Brands, Fitness Equipments, School or Collage. It is a very suitable place to start up any kind of Business from scratch. To start up a business you initially need a Small Investment in terms of Money, A Suitable Place where you […]

What will WEBSITE DESIGN be like in 100 Years?

The rate at which E-commerce Companies are growing and the increase in the competition between them, Websites will play a very important role in attracting customers towards their products and services in the years to come . Due to increase in competition not only E-commerce or other Businesses but Professional Designers will also have to […]

How to Convert Browsers into Enquirers???

Marketing helps in bring in more paying customers and it has become easier in today’s digital world. Creating a website is very easy. But to Convert BROWSERS into ENQUIRERS requires lot of skill and knowledge. A professional WEB DESIGN COMPANY can create a informative website with call to action kit which will offer Phone Number, […]

All about Responsive website design

Every client today wants a mobile version of their website. In fact, it’s really essential. Your website should be compatible with all mobile devices from blackberry to iPhone, the iPad – all with different resolutions under one design using Mobile App Development services. Responsive Web design is the approach that suggests that design and development […]

New and Useful PHP Techniques

New and Useful PHP Techniques There are lot of features and techniques coming up in PHP.Here is a detailed info on the topic 1. Catching Dynamic PHP Pages easily It is very important to look for pages that receives more traffic,and which page requires a number of database request rather than caching the entire site.Static […]

Latest trend on mobile apps development

Mobile App Developer

Latest trend on mobile apps development Each and every year there is a new technology emerging out in the market mainly in mobile.And there by there is growth in the mobile consumer activity.The increase in demand for mobile devices and apps has created a corresponding supply of mobile app developers. Mobile advertising and location-based services […]

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