Monthly Archives: August 2016

Where Are We Today??? Where Are We Heading???::::: Technology

Computers and Human Beings understand different languages and there is need of an interface to make interactions possible. This interaction is made possible by GUI( Graphical User Interface). GUIs comes with its own barrier. There is a need to know how to handle and use them. We need to know that a specific button would […]

How Would Internet Marketing Help your Business Grow

Due to the Modern Technologies, Small and Medium Businessess are doing everything they can do to keep them up.It is the process of attracting audiences online that will make the difference between one which are successful and one which fails. Even if you have tons of traffic coming to your website, its of no use […]

Why is Mobility Important and What Impact does it Create on your Business???

With the increase in the number of Smartphone Users along the globe, there is no surprise that keeping up to date on technology which makes Sharing Information easy is an integral part of a Successful Company. When ever there is a new technology out in the market, We look into the distractions they will cause […]

Improved Producivity and Cost Saving : Web Apps

What is Web Apps All About??? Is Web Apps all about Online Sales and a Marketing tool?? Yes it is partly True…. But they are much more than that. Web Apps can be a effective business marketing tool which can increase productivity and save cost… Web App is written in ASP.Net and SQL server.Applications written […]

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