Monthly Archives: June 2022

Cloud kitchen promotion and effective marketing concepts

With an ultimate shift in the restaurant industry due to the pandemic and the shape of businesses around the globe are changing at an unprecedented pace, there is a constant need for upgradation in ways your cloud kitchen promotion has to be designed. From benefits to precautions, every piece of information is an important part […]

Doordash clone: Launch your own food delivery app

How do you take your brainstorming idea for an app to launch, and succeed in this highly populated market?  Over lakhs of different apps were launched every month on the app stores, how to make your idea stand out? It’s so overwhelming right? But not to worry. Even in this crowded market, it is still possible […]

UberEats clone script: Mind blowing upgrades to excel in 2022

Online food delivery has been there for a long time. Before all these food aggregators came into the picture, remember all that direct calling you did to have the pizzas delivered to your doorstep? It’s only in the last decade that the likes of Swiggy, UberEats, Zomato etc have entered the online food delivery business, […]

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