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An extremely user-friendly food delivery app like UberEats Clone for your customers.Kick Start your food ordering business with Deliware’s UberEats Clone Script

UberEats clone Script
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Why UberEats Clone - Deliware ?

UberEats Clone – Deliware is an on-demand ready to execute food delivery app that boosts your food business and fills your restaurant with online food orders. Deliware is is a food delivery suite with mobile applications in Android and IOS Platforms, restaurant app and food aggregation system that comes with standard features along with severe highly innovative and advanced features.

We have built an 100 % white label, ready made app for the restaurant owners and for your valued customers. Also, we build a powerful portal for you and restaurant owners to manage their activities, menus, orders, delivery, payments and much more.


Enterprises that can use Deliware's UberEats Clone App is

It doesn’t come as a surprise that 25% of all smartphone users have at least one restaurant-related application on their phone.

However, it’s important to understand that there are different types of food delivery services and different types of enterprises and organisations they require a Food app or this ubereats clone app


Aggregators who are responsible for accepting orders and connecting them with restaurants that offer delivery services themselves can find Deliware to be an essential factor for their business.

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Users can compare prices, menus, and reviews for multiple restaurants and can place their order directly through your aggregator app. The app then sends the order to the appropriate restaurant where the food gets made and then delivered.

Aggregator-type apps tend to spread over massive areas. Their focus is connecting customers with multiple restaurants, handling the ordering process, but passing over the delivery aspect to the actual restaurant business. This means they consist of two main stakeholders, the consumer and the restaurant business.

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New Delivery

New delivery types of apps whose goal is to offer food delivery services from restaurants that don’t offer delivery themselves can also benefit from this app. The idea here is that customers can still enjoy a meal from a restaurant that doesn’t deliver, without having to actually go to the restaurant.

New delivery apps still allow consumers to compare different restaurant offerings. They process orders, send them to the appropriate restaurant, and then go pick up the order and deliver it to the consumer at home, work, or wherever else they’ve ordered the food to.

With a focus on higher-end restaurants that typically do not have delivery services, new delivery apps address a different part of the food delivery market that aggregators are not able to cater to. They handle the logistical and resource aspect of food delivery, providing a more convenient service to the consumer and adding delivery services to restaurants that wouldn’t otherwise offer them.

Restaurant Owner

If you’re a restaurant owner who wants to provide your personal service directly to your localites without approaching the aggregators, you can create your own restaurant app showcasing your delicious menu with Deliware . It is even more beneficial for a chain of restaurants, who can manage to have their own logistics. We customize the food app with our best clone script and food app solutions.

Features Provided in Deliware's Uber Eats Clone Script

We strive to create something that doubles up your revenues and attracts more foodies to your business with an attractive UI/UX that will make your customers come back. It’s time to develop on demand food delivery app for your business and soar high with revenues. Whatever is your food business type, serve it hot wherever your customers are with our best uber clone app delivery.

User Registration

Customers can register by entering simple details and begin using the mobile ordering app.

Select Restaurant

Choose restaurants based on location, cuisine choices, timings and more from a beautiful listing.

Order Tracking

Let customers track orders real-time and have alerts keep them informed about the order status.

List Categories

Allow customers to select from categories of restaurants, based on ratings and other factors.

Schedule Delivery

Allow customers the liberty to select delivery times based on their own convenience.

Takeaway Option

Full freedom for the customer to order and pay online, and choose the offline takeaway option.

Discounts and Offers

Numerous discounts and offers can be built in for the customers to always get the best deals.

Manage Profile

Manage profiles, addresses, payment details, for a better experience.

Profile Creation

For accumulating first-hand data of the users, you can create a strong profile to build a strong relationship with the user through social media.

Order Alerts

Order alert must be integrated when the user places the order to make the restaurant staff get going and be ready with the order as soon as possible.

Customize Your Menu

Make any changes in the Menu as per your choice through customizing your Menu Feature in the food app.

Order Management

Keep a track on the number of orders received, number of orders delivered, and number of orders on the way.

Payment Management

Manage which payment is received through which medium, cash or card and whether the payment is made to the delivery boy, etc.

Customer Details

Get contact details of the customer to confirm the order to get the location.

Track Order History

Track how many orders have they finished, how many are yet to finish and so on.

Answer Feedback

Enable this feature to answer the reviews & feedback from the customers to build trust.

Login Registration

Partner restaurants can login to access and serve customers through this platform.

Manage Business info

Have all the data on your screen so that you can manage better and take informed decisions.

Manage Menu

Partnering restaurants can easily edit and add items or make changes in pricing and quantities.

Order Alerts

The moment an order is placed, the restaurant receives real-time notification to get into action.

Manage Order

Have restaurants view and manage all orders: in-coming, under-process, scheduled or dispatched.

Payment Tracking

View all successful and pending payment details to better manage accounts and settlements.

Customer Details

Make available all relevant customer information to restaurants so they know their customers better.

Help & support

Restaurants get informed on issues and areas they need to improve upon to stay ahead.

Create Profile

The driver’s profile should be created his restaurant company providing details like name, contact details, documents and payment details.

Receive Order

The driver should get the order, contact details of the customer, location of the order delivery through the app.

Receive Delivery Location

The driver should receive the delivery location of the customer through GPS or Google Maps to reach there in time & deliver the food on the earliest minute possible.

View Order History

This feature will enable the driver to view the number & type of orders he has accomplished in a particular day or week or month.

Receive Multiple Deliveries

The driver can also get multiple orders at a single instance to save time & efforts in delivering an order in the nearby location.


The driver should be notified of the change in any policy or change in delivery location or addition of new delivery through the app.

Reasons to choose Deliware

Each and every feature of our product described above have been integrated into the apps developed by our company. If you have something extra to be added, we possess the ability to integrate that as well. We possess both experience and expertise when it is about food delivery app development.We have provided services to almost 30 countries & have a positive track of satisfied clients all across the globe.

So, yes you can bestow your trust into our food delivery app development company and we will entail you with the fruitful result.


Never Lose Your Customers again!

Online Food Ordering Website with Seamless connectivity through SMS & mobile application.

3-Step Order for Customers

Food Ordering Website with Check Menu, Customize Order & Make Payment facility.

Build Your Brand

Promotional offers & Marketing through Branded Mobile application with advanced Social Sharing Options.

Make Yourself Reachable

Allow your customers to reach your Restaurants & Takeaways with well-guided     Map Directions.

Manage Customer Requests

Define hours, products; send emails as per the status of the orders. Customize Delivery Rules through Zip Code & Accuracy of Orders.

Get Paid Online

Manage all your operations with ease with Online Ordering & Payments. Add any number of payment options.

Respond To Orders Fast

Track orders in time and respond dynamically. Order acceptance through PDQs (SMS/GPRS) Printers is lightning fast.

Multi Location Food Chains

Your chained food business can be managed easily with integrated food portal solution that merges it all dynamically.

Deliware will empower your Business Strategies

Building a viable on-demand food delivery app similar to UberEats clone script will boost your business prospects as you would reach the tongue tantalisers through the fastest accelerated route. Provide a personalised service with eye-grabbing discounts and offers to elongate the stay of your app in user’s devices.

With the online food delivery apps, customers would order their favourite meal even at midnight at a renowned restaurant in their city. Letting our customers allow checking the restaurant review and rating before placing the order are some of the major gifts of our Deliware app.

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How UberEats Clone Script Works?

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Industry News Updates

During the week of March 16, DoorDash and UberEats had their highest customer spending over the last 11 weeks with sales up 10 percent and 25 percent over the previous week, respectively. What’s more, both were up 15 percent over their average weekly customer spending between Jan. 6 and March 1,as per the edison data.

Sheetz and Grubhub announced this week a new partnership for providing delivery services from 390 Sheetz stores across six states.Whereas,  Grubhub’s online and mobile food-ordering platform, customers will be able to order from a variety of Sheetz’s signature menu items and cuisines and coffees and have it delivered to their homes. Grubhub USA  delivery allows Sheetz to continue to give customers what they want, when they want it but from the safety and comfort of their homes,” Travis Sheetz, president & COO of Sheetz Inc., said in a press release.

They have been burning money on every order primarily due to hyper-competition and aren’t charging for deliveries. People do not want to come out of their homes due to the fear of contagion and hence, they need online food delivery services like how other ubereats clone script solution providers are providing. Uber eats clone solution providers are selling scripts to mushroom the food delivery services in the ecommerce market. Many food delivery giants like swiggy. Zomato are rapidly growing their workforce to cope up with significant increase in public demands. Delivery services like Swiggy, Zomato and Ubereats clone may deliver breakfast from 7 am to 9:30 am, lunch from 12 noon to 2:30 pm and dinner from 7 pm to 9 pm. Identity cards must be obtained for the delivery executives from the police through the concerned organizations.

Likewise, many provider companies are rendering services to its customers during this outbreak to assist others. Many of them are providing free delivery services to customers. Prime minister last week said India would extend the Lockdown Situation and it would keep most nonessential businesses and services closed till May 3, following an initial three-week restriction due to the massive Outbreak across the Nation.Clicking on that button, allow users to order food effortlessly.  This updated version of ubereats help the new eats customers to directly order food rather than going to the app and placing the order. Henceforth, Company is bringing new services and ideas to convince and persuade people towards eats and those who has shun the ubereats standalone app. Zomato acquires Uber Eats clone script Reason Behind the Deal or Failure of ubereats. On January 21st, 2020, food delivery giant Zomato earned Uber Eats alone shops, neighborhood shops and shops in residential complexes are allowed to open. Shops in markets, market complexes and shopping malls do not have the permission to open. Food services volumes are getting reduced due to the one of the Zomato staff test found positive of Covid-19.

DoorDash, Uber, and Postmates — which it declines to name directly but which are the dominant food and beverage delivery apps in California — have guidelines in place to protect against delivering alcohol to minors. “But those guidelines are largely being ignored by the delivery personnel,” sources say.The days of gnawing on rubbery hot dogs or peanuts during a baseball game are long over. From Fenway Park to Camden Yards, most MLB stadiums are packed with a wide range of food options. But for the Yankees fan with a craving for something different, Postmates today has announced an exclusive partnership with Yankee Stadium. The food delivery app already has a similar partnership in place with the dodger stadium.

It seems Postmates has gotten the memo a bit, the food delivery platform announced that it’s introducing “non-contact deliveries.” Now when ordering food, customers receive a prompt at checkout to choose their preferred drop-off option. Customer can choose this option and go for contact less deliveries. Likewise, many other ubereats clone, food delivery giants are introducing this new feature of contact-less deliveries.

Grubhub  is a leading online and mobile food-ordering and delivery marketplace with the largest and most comprehensive network of restaurant partners, as well as nearly 24 million active diners. Dedicated to connecting diners with the food they love from their favorite local restaurants, Grubhub elevates food ordering through innovative restaurant technology, easy-to-use platforms and an improved delivery experience. Grubhub features over 300,000 restaurants and is proud to partner with more than 200,000 of these restaurants in over 4,000 U.S. cities and London. The Grubhub portfolio of brands includes  many food delivery giants like Grubhub, Seamless, LevelUp, AllMenus and MenuPages.

Uber has been fighting back against the perception on treating its employees poorly with its Uber Pro program. Under the scheme, top drivers in the US, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, France and New Zealand are eligible for rewards like free classes or tution and discounted car maintenance costs. Now, the rewards are expended to Ubereats delivery partners as well.There are more than 80 undergraduate degree programs available from the university as well as eight levels of English language courses and a certificate in entrepreneurship. Drivers can take the courses themselves, or offer the courses to a family member.

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