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Register more of the right attendees with our application event registration software and marketing tools. Hot leads to capture the email addresses of attendees who abandoned the registration process. Allowing you to re-engage them through ads or email.



Register with us by availing the get started option. Your Gmail or Facebook accounts can be used for the same. If you are an existing user, you can directly traverse to the event list. Handpick your events from the listed categories. Every event has multiple packages associated with it. Nothing down the details of such packages would be essential to cross check in the future. Don’t forget to mention the referral codes if they are present. Choose your mode of payment and confirm the booking of the event with us. Notify or approach us if there’s any discrepancy during your event marking or final payments. Our FAQ sections can also be referred.

Event Manager

If you are an event manager, click the I’M AN EVENT MANAGER tab in the top right corner of our page. New managers can register with their Facebook or Google credentials. If you are a vendor accepting to give in your services for the events, the same set of registration process can be followed. Existing managers/vendors can go ahead and check their listings and reach out to their leads who’ve contacted them. Either a phone discussion or face to face discussion can be scheduled with the customers for easier transactions.

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