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Where Are We Today??? Where Are We Heading???::::: Technology

Computers and Human Beings understand different languages and there is need of an interface to make interactions possible. This interaction is made possible by GUI( Graphical User Interface). GUIs comes with its own barrier. There is a need to know how to handle and use them. We need to know that a specific button would […]

How Would Internet Marketing Help your Business Grow

Due to the Modern Technologies, Small and Medium Businessess are doing everything they can do to keep them up.It is the process of attracting audiences online that will make the difference between one which are successful and one which fails. Even if you have tons of traffic coming to your website, its of no use […]

Why is Mobility Important and What Impact does it Create on your Business???

With the increase in the number of Smartphone Users along the globe, there is no surprise that keeping up to date on technology which makes Sharing Information easy is an integral part of a Successful Company. When ever there is a new technology out in the market, We look into the distractions they will cause […]

Improved Producivity and Cost Saving : Web Apps

What is Web Apps All About??? Is Web Apps all about Online Sales and a Marketing tool?? Yes it is partly True…. But they are much more than that. Web Apps can be a effective business marketing tool which can increase productivity and save cost… Web App is written in ASP.Net and SQL server.Applications written […]

Power Up Your Company’s Business Website using WordPress

WordPress was introduced in the year 2003 and it has been the most successful and popular BLOGGING software till date. WordPress had also become popular Content Management Software for non-blogging websites in the recent time.WordPress is used by more than 74 million sites that publish new posts every second Here are Reasons why you must […]

Concept of Responsive Web Design

Is there a need to create Web Design for each group of Users?? Architects don’t design a building for each group size. Like Responsive Architecture, Web Design should automatically adjust. Responsive Web design requires a more abstract way of thinking.Responsive Web design is not only about adjustable screen resolutions and automatically resizable images, but rather […]

All About Website Development

Websites are now becoming a must for any type of business whether big or small. Website is the only way to give your Business a boost in today’s market. How well you reach the targeted audience depends on the weightage of your business. Weightage of your Website here means:1. Fast Loading Time2. SEO friendly3. Great Content4. […]

Do your Website need to be Modernised???

When did you last update your website? Does it look outdated? Does it look like the one’s in 90’s? You website is the most powerful marketing tool and it must be updated with the current trend. Failing to do this will lead to serious implications on your business. It will decrease in the conversion rate […]

Why Hiring PHP Web Developer for your Website can be Fruitful???

When did you last update your website? Does it look outdated? Does it look like the one’s in 90’s? You website is the most powerful marketing tool and it must be updated with the current trend. Failing to do this will lead to serious implications on your business. It will decrease in the conversion rate […]

Do you Need a Reliable Web Design Company in Chennai???

Are you tired of finding a good and reputed Website design company in chennai?? You can get in touch with Bytesflow Technologies which is renowned for its amazing and attractive Web Designs. We provide other services like Web Development, Mobile App Development , SEO that provide positive outcome for every client. Bytesflow Technologies is an […]

Transforming from Electronic – Commerce to Everywhere – commerce

If you think back 10 to 15 years ago, Have you imagined about online shopping, purchasing the products you like at your finger tips??? In this highly technological world, the importance of online retail is increasing….. Now it is possible to purchase any products ranging from Smartphones to Clothes, Groceries etc from any where in […]

Simple Steps to Ensure Repeat Visits – Keep them Coming Back

Great websites ensure they provide better user experience and always retain their customers. A great website however keeps visitors coming. What is the definition of a Great Website??? Increase in Traffic and Customer Satisfaction is the most important factor for your business. USER EXPERIENCE What is the first thing you notice about a website, the […]

Benefits of Web Apps for Marketing

Web Apps is known for its versatility for any business. With the modern Technology, Web Application can provide an Interactive and Rich Environment that can be used on any Smartphone. Web Apps are powerful marketing tools, which are not only used for productivity but they are used as a source for business opportunities. One of the […]

Secured Websites will Rank Higher

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The new concern for Google right now is providing security to the users system. Google is mainly targeting the security of the websites in the search results. Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure(HTTPs) is the key parameter on which Google will check the security of your website. HTTPs encrypts the information between the site and the browser. […]

Mistakes that will Kill your eCommerce Business

eCommerce is dominating the retail industry now and will continue to do so in the future. With an increasing use of Internet, people are purchasing from online more than ever. But, Is your eCommerce website capable to yield maximum profit for your business??? Are you sure your website will not kill your business??? Have a […]


Responsive Web Design allows for different layouts to appear at different screen sizes. What does a different screen size mean??? Just think Responsive Web Design as a blue print for a new house. When you put out the plan for your new house, there would be several break points. The break points in Responsive Web […]

WordPress is the best CMS for Web Development

WordPress is an open source CMS with a free licence,it has become extremely popular for all kinds of businesses, and it has been downloaded more than 30 million times worldwide. WordPress is everyone’s favorite because it is packed with loads of SEO- friendly features. It is very easy to manage content using WordPress. You can […]


A Website is the first best impression for the progress of your business. A good and quality WEBSITE DESIGN would speak volumes for your business. If you fail to build a good WEBSITE DESIGN, your hope to stay tuned in today’s business market will fade. A great WEBSITE DESIGN has the capability and strength to […]

Making a Trustworthy website

Trust is the most important factor in Google’s ranking algorithm. Creditable websites which can be trusted get better ranking than websites which are uncertain. Google does not want to show low quality websites in the search results. This is the main reason you need to convince Google that your business in trustworthy and your website […]

Creative Ways to Attract more Visitors to Your Website

Are you frustrated at the lack of business your website brings in? Often there is nothing wrong with the site because it is professionally designed and your portfolio is mind blowing. Taking a website from zero to a few hundred or even a few thousand visitors a month is not that easy- But it’s not […]


With people using more Smartphone and Tablets to browse the Internet, it has become important to create a website that works across multiple platform. Responsive Web Design has become a modern design landscape. This design is a tool that can be used to create a functional website for mobile users. It reformat’s the website page […]


According to GOOGLE Analytic’s, businesses are searching for both Web Design Company and Web Development Company. These two terminologies only differ by the Website Building process which requires unique skills. We will now see, Why is it important to know the difference between Design and Development before you build a website for your business. Web […]

WooCommerce Vs Magento?? Which would best suit your online Business???

We all are aware of the 2 most powerful E-commerce platforms –WordPress and Magento. They both have their own strength and suitability according to the needs. One is a product of e-bay and other is a plugin for WordPress. Generally, E-Commerce platforms are very easy to set up and use and come with minimal set […]


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Do you feel by just having a mind blowing website, you would increase your business value?? These days it is just not enough to have a website for your business- you must extend your hands into SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING sites like Facebook and Twitter. If your company does not have a Twitter Account or a […]

Why Do I Need a Web Designer?

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Let us answer some questions before going into the topic. Would you lay the foundation for your new house??Or hire an interior designer who knew nothing about design???  Indeed we would hire an experienced and professional designer in order to get best results. A professional Web Designer will not only design your website, but know […]

Basic Things to know Before Optimizing Website

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Planning is very important before execution.It would really help us if we plan before taking search engine optimization project for your website.There are some important steps to keep in mind before optimizing your website that will make sure your SEO is successful. Answer the following question if you work for client: 1) Motivation behind optimizing […]

Good Content and Great Link to Rank in GOOGLE

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Pages with good content would get great inbound links and get about 70% of the importance of ranking and only 30% on content.Few points to consider to overcome your competitor to rank in GOOGLE. 1) Anchor Text Anchor text is the clickable word or words that make up the hyperlink.Google figures any words special enough […]

Latest and New Trends in Web Design

Each and every day there are lots of trends coming up in the field of website designing.There is lots more creativity which we can add to our site. 1.Responsive Web Design There are lot of Website Designers who are not aware of Responsive web design or they don’t take this concept seriously. The continues adoption […]

Features of an E-Commerce website

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While designing a E-Commerce site there are many features that we must look for.Here are some of the features an E-commerce site must be built on.. 1.Search Box Your site must contain a good search box so that visitors can quickly search for the product they are looking for. 2.Featured Products By displaying featured product […]

Designing a website with good Quality

Designing the website is a critical job and there are lots of things that must be taken into account while doing this job.We must be careful regarding choice about the color schemes, designs and style, and the content to be uploaded on the website. Our web design company is here for meeting all the purposes […]

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