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Online Food Delivery App for the Win!

Since the pandemic started a third or fourth wave of the deadly virus has been emerging for more than a year. Since then, we are witnessing many challenging trends in our surroundings, as well as in the industries that operate in. People began connecting within their close circles on digital platforms, ordering food online, and […]

How To Sustain in the Restaurant Industry?

The future of the food & restaurant industry certainly wouldn’t be the same after the pandemic. The restaurants are following different survival plans and strategies on how to sustain in the restaurant industry during these times. It’s pretty sure that tremendous adjustments are on the way for this blooming industry. However, there is no common […]

Budget-Friendly Food Delivery App for Restaurant Makeover

As a restaurateur, you will be always looking for many different ways for a quick and on-budget makeover for your restaurant. You might be always wondering about how to do it, the cost, and what innovative things you could do to bring your restaurant to the brand forefront. Without any delay or beating around the […]

Why is Online Food Delivery Business booming in Pandemic?

It’s a known fact that the online food delivery business is extraordinarily booming even in this pandemic situation. This is because at present it is mandatory to use online mode for everything. The primary reason to choose contactless services is to survive the transport of the virus. It is pretty sure, that online modes will […]

Upselling Techniques to Increase Restaurant Sales & Revenue

Upselling in the business is an art of persuasion without going on board to make it happen. Upselling is nothing but striking the brand sales at a price above its usual price through a premium version of the existing base. Honestly, upselling in the restaurant business is never a cakewalk job. And the lack of […]

How Technology plays a major role in Restaurant Business?

In today’s world, technology is making our professional and personal lives much easier. Today, business success heavily relies on technology features. The technology being used has a strong influence on every industry and thus technology in restaurant industry is no exception. Incorporating tech in restaurants enhances efficiency and enhances the post-pandemic dining experience. Not including the […]

Why is Customer Loyalty Program very important in food industry?

As an Entrepreneur, you must be aware of customer loyalty programs & how to genuinely thank your loyal customers! Showing gratitude to your customers will get you to higher places in your business. These days, people have a wide range of eating point options to choose from. If you don’t shine with your brand marketing […]

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