With an ultimate shift in the restaurant industry due to the pandemic and the shape of businesses around the globe changing at an unprecedented pace, there is a constant need for upgradation in the ways your cloud kitchen marketing & promotion has to be designed. From benefits to precautions, every piece of information is an important part of your business strategy in order to get the best output from your cloud kitchen promotions.

It is a remarkable time to venture into the cloud kitchen business, given the increased screen time of the customers. We shall now look at what to consider while designing an effective marketing cloud kitchen plan toward increasing the frequency of orders and awareness in the market.

Safety & Hygiene 

marketing cloud kitchen

Given the anxiety around the communicable pandemic, people are ordering in. They want to reduce the contact to the bare minimum and expect the highest standards of hygiene to be maintained to get food delivered from your cloud kitchen.

Follow all guidelines to make sure your customers know you’re a safe place to order from. Tell them about strict temperature checks that you’re following for your staff, frequent disinfection of workspace, compulsion around wearing a mask and gloves at all times, and contactless delivery services. You can also list out your standards in many food delivery apps and clones like any Ubereats clone etc.

Website UI/UX

It’s always not mandatory that you do not really have a physical presence for your restaurant to move online at your website or app. An optimized and good website/app can make or break you. A shaggy design that does nothing to ease consumer navigability will directly translate into an underwhelming user experience and set a negative first impression which would be
extremely difficult to change the thoughts about cloud kitchens.


marketing cloud kitchen

Zomato, Swiggy, and UberEts have captured the majority of mindshare of customers when it comes to ordering food online. They’ve become indispensable tools of information and can be an exaggeration to say that listing on these platforms is inevitable.

Many of these come with their own community-building offers and programs, such as Zomato Pro, and becoming a partner is one way to surely grab some eyeballs. Building on customer reviews and ratings on these platforms is another sure-shot way at getting more visibility.

Sales Promotions 

One of the most intelligent moves a restaurant can make is offering discounts and offers. Any cloud kitchen promotion would be incomplete without offering such offers or incentives. Gen Z are extremely tech-savvy, which makes them much more likely to compare deals online and choose the best offer. Coupons, discounts, offers and their likes work wonders in providing that edge – a perceived increase in value for money.

List out the discount codes in clone apps like Ubereats clone script, Doordash clone, etc.

Bottom line

marketing cloud kitchen

Owing to the ever-increasing competition in the restaurant market, one needs to be absolutely sure that every ounce of effort yields a measurable return, and cloud kitchen promotion should further this ideology. A shot in the void is seldom a hit, so have a solid yet agile plan, see what works, and do not be afraid to iterate if something seems off. Cloud kitchens are a great format to keep lean operations and earn hefty returns. Good luck!

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