latest trends in web designingTrends in web design, come and go like trends in fashion. The decision to follow a trend is purely based on the user and their business requirement.

What Drives Change in Web Design?

Technology: Advancements in the available technology and tools, both to access and build websites, largely determines what designers and developers can do.

Users: The prevalent ways web visitors, designers and developers use the available technology, shape the web design landscape and push its boundaries in a forward-looking direction.

Other creative fields: What’s trending in other creative fields like graphic design and fashion, eventually finds its way into web design and vice versa. Creativity survives on mixing and matching ideas to convey emotions and propose solutions.

Most of us nowadays are multi-device users and expect a website to just work and look gorgeous, no matter the device we use.

Responsive Web Design (RWD), serving the same HTML code to all devices and using CSS to alter the appearance of the page on the device, is the prevalent technique and what Google recommends to build mobile-friendly websites.

Let’s look at some of the latest trends in web designing

  • Designs being 100% mobile-first
  • Single-page websites bonanza
  • Rich Animations
  • Responsive Design
  • Material Design: A Richer Alternative to Flat Design

Trends in web designing represent popular techniques for good reason, but make sure it’s best for your users. For example, an E commerce site certainly wouldn’t do well as a single-page infinite scrolling site.
Trends are nothing more than additional tools in your designer toolbox. Always pick the right ones for the job

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