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GoDaddy Pro Program assists Bytesflow Technologies to accelerate revenue growth by 70%

Improved execution drives higher customer satisfaction with a 60 percent increase in the customer base

Gurgaon, November 14, 2016 – GoDaddy, the world’s largest cloud platform dedicated to small, independent ventures has announced today that  Bytesflow Technologies.  A Chennai-based creative web design company saw a 70 percent growth in its revenue within a year of signing up with the GoDaddy Pro Program. The program offers web developers and designers a one-stop solution for client management, support, and business growth.

Founded in 2008 by Mr. Rajesh, Bytesflow Technologies offers cost-effective web design, app development, and e-commerce solutions to 1000+ clients. Mr. Rajesh joined the GoDaddy Pro program in October 2015 at WHD India, Mumbai, to enhance service delivery and expand the client base.

After a year in the program, Mr. Rajesh expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “The GoDaddy Pro Program is a comprehensive platform that aids web pros in managing customer accounts, billing, monitoring, and customer support. It provides a dashboard view and the ability to send clients pre-loaded shopping carts. This has helped us execute services more effectively, resulting in a 60% increase in our customer base.”

The GoDaddy Pro Program allows Bytesflow Technologies access to GoDaddy’s 24/7 customer care which ensures shorter call queues and super-quick turnaround for their customers. The program also provides automated alerts along with options for clients to be in charge of buying products or handing over the responsibility to Bytesflow Technologies for the purchase of required solutions on their behalf. Additional benefits of the GoDaddy Pro Program include access to special discounts and offers allowing a competitive edge in the Web Pro marketplace.

Designed to help the web designer and developer community in building and managing their client portfolios with ease.

Key features of the GoDaddy Pro Program include:

  • Client product dashboard to view all clients and their products in one place
  • Admin account access securely permits access to clients’ products
  • Exclusive GoDaddy Pro discounts and offers for pro members and their customers
  • Automated email and SMS alerts to enable smooth site monitoring
  • Monitoring tools to view client website uptime and site speed proactively
  • Shared shopping to send customers pre-loaded shopping carts via email for review and/or direct purchase
  • Exclusive pro support, enabling 24X7 quick support resolution via trained technicians

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