The usage of E-commerce website has seen an oceanic hike given the fact that top businesses have started investing in Internet-based markets which have paved way for a hike in their sales value as well. From local stores to top brands, there is an e-commerce store that is being set up. What matters most is how good the site looks in terms of designs and payment solutions. Give a read below to know the importance of a well-designed e-commerce website.


1. UX Design

The main factor which is taken into consideration when it comes to designing a website would be that of UX design. It is of utmost importance that the website is user-friendly and navigation can be done with ease right from the first page till the last page. The flow needs to be easy so that the customers know where they need to traverse. Clear links, proper hyperlinking, FAQs, in the end, are some of the factors which contribute to the positive values of a website’s user interface design.

2. Brand Design

More than having a neat design being laid out for various platforms which are tagged to your product, another thing to be kept in mind is the consistency which has to be maintained compulsorily. One look at any of the platforms designed by you should immediately flash your brand name across the customers’ mind. This can be established only by means of constantly using a particular template for font,colour, and contextual references,

3. Unique designs

The mantra behind every e-commerce company is to be recognized for their unique trends. Even if you are sticking to a particular layout in the platforms implemented, the elements which you use in these templates should be different. Customers like anything that’s brand, new and unique. Be it colorful pop-ups or super amazing animations, make sure you set up a unique design at the end of the day.

4. Reduction of bounce rates

Bounce rates are something you wouldn’t want to peak higher while dealing with your business strategies. It technically means the session at which the customer has moved away from your website without digging into your site further. The main reason behind a huge bounce rate would be the poor design of the website. A neatly done website designing will only invite more audiences into the picture and make them stay long enough to skim through your product and get a good load of knowledge about it.

Henceforth, when you are getting the designs done for your e-commerce website, mainly focus on the trends within your target audience since they will be your end customers. Already having an e-commerce site which requires a bit of tinkering done? Get in touch with Bytesflow technology, for we’ve worked on multiple e-commerce web designs where the end output was never below the expectations set by clients.


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