Food delivery app is a must have in our app list and are smoothly facilitating the delivery of our favorite meals from our favorite restaurants. Wide range of customers can quickly order from a variety of restaurants with just a click away. The simplicity and ease of use are the  main advantage of any food delivery app. With such apps in hand, people don’t have to call and wait for some time to place an order or step out for dining.

From surfing till payment, everything is done with just a few clicks. People can  look for their favorite food, view menu, search restaurants, place orders, and make the payment all in one app. Online food delivery apps seem to be promising, despite the huge competition. Here’s a quick view about some monetization techniques for your food delivery startup. 

Delivery rates

If a particular restaurant is not having its own delivery services, then it may rely upon such apps, which can take care of their food delivery charging a fee. The delivery rate will be a percentage of the total order price or a charge depending on some distance. Nowadays, delivery rates  are the major revenue source for every food delivery app. Every food delivery app has its own fee. 

Paying delivery is a good means for proper income, but it’s hard to sustain using this model alone. Always think about some other additional sources of income such as surcharges for peak hours.

Peak hours

The other best way to make money with food delivery app is the peak hour delivery. Charging extra rates during peak hours for delivering the food order is a genuine idea. Many popular apps set their surge pricing during every lunch and dinner. During peak hours the menus have been limited. Based on the locations, extra charges will be made. 

Charging extra rates during peak hours is a good way of bringing in additional revenue to your business. Not all the customers will opt for your premium plan. So target a competitor where the service can be made cheaper.


These days, advertising is the best approach by which many businesses make money. Offering advertisement options to restaurants for an additional cost will always work well. Advertising will list the restaurant at the top of search results for a certain period of time.  Many popular food delivery apps like Swiggy, Zomato and UberEats charge additional cost to restaurant owners to feature their restaurants top in their app. This always attracts more customers.


Nowadays, there are a huge number of restaurants in the market. This very well means a great competition. Many people advertise their restaurants and services in food delivery apps and wish to be more visible than other brands. Online advertising is an excellent source of great income. But partnering with trusted restaurant providers which have good customer feedback will be a good move. Make sure that you offer advertising options in your own app or an ubereats clone script.

Commission charges

Commission percentages are effective sources of income. Online food delivery app can collaborate with different restaurants for predefined commission rates based on the size of the order. Generally high end food delivery apps are making money by commission on transactions. Commission percentages are the ideal way to make money from your own food delivery application or ubereats clone and can lead to good term customer relationships. 

Bottom Line

Online food delivery business is a promising idea as many success stories are evident in real life. If you wish to enter the food industry with your startup idea that’s enhanced with innovative technology, contact us and our experts can give you a detailed estimation. The technological aspects will start reaching out to the restaurants in the upcoming weeks to educate them about the contactless dining. When the global pandemic ends, every restaurant partner can inspire stronger confidence in the public and concentrate on a safer and more seamless era of every dining experience.

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