Online food delivery services are becoming so popular nowadays as it combines the services of food and comfort. People are busy all around with their work. So they are never hesitating to take this option. We will naturally do anything just to get out of doing anything. So online food delivery is just another way which can be a time saver while you can just chill at home, since no cooking is involved. Multiple food delivery brands like UberEats are ruling the market. 

The application takes orders from customers, displays many different varieties of restaurants and cuisines, and also delivers food to the customers from these restaurants. Apps like UberEats are functioning very well and make it possible for everyone to get their food orders fulfilled. So the market is very curious in developing ubereats clones, which can be customized as per the user’s need.

Important features

The online delivery applications will have many stakeholders and have to keep them satisfied. Because the food delivery application brand must have to deal with customers, restaurants and also delivery partners. A separate interface for each area is very important to the needs to all these stakeholders. The stakeholder’s satisfaction lies on how well the features are in your app. This seems to be a little confusing. Below are the primary features which are the basic and necessary for any ubereats like food delivery. 

Quick ordering : People usually order food when they are hungry. So this is the main factor of consideration to perform efficiently when a customer is ordering food. If the ordering process is not easy, it may lead to frustration or the user may shift to other apps. 

Easy payment : Easy ordering methods doesn’t stop with choosing the food, but continues till the payment. Your ubereats clone must offer multiple payment options to the customers. These options must allow COD, debit/credit cards, UPI, etc. Using reward points option can also be included since nowadays many merchants are providing rewards in the form of earned payment. 

App onboarding : The sign-up process will be effortless and easy in a good food delivery app. Ask for minimum details while ordering which will allow them to navigate quickly without any fuss. 

Information : Provide your customers with complete information regarding their order. This includes order confirmation, preparation, assigning delivery person and pickup. The current location of the delivery person must be available to the customer for further comforts. 

Navigation : Easy and quick navigation is necessary for every stakeholder. Customers should be able to see and choose different options like cuisines, locations, pricing points, and reviews. Every information must be clear and accurate for the customer to choose. A search option will be a timesaver, if a customer wants to search any specific information.

Customer support : A real-time customer support solves all queries related to the services from your ubereats clone. Provide optimized features for your customers to sort out their issues on the spot to keep them satisfied.

Development cost

Firstly, have clarity about what features you exactly need in your app. Thereby you will get an idea and direction which makes it easy for any expert to develop your app. The cost of development for developing a best in class app highly depends on the technology partner you chose. It is very important to make sure you have the right balance and budget for your process. 

Bottom line

The online food delivery apps are an important source of getting food during this period. But the change has its own challenges. People were exercising more caution like food quality, safety and hygiene. So it is necessary to have all the panels of your food delivery to be perfectly developed. If you are a Solopreneur and looking for the best ubereats like app, then our product, DeliWare will be the best option for you. Contact us for more details.

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