Having knowledge about the most effective and popular Instagram marketing strategies can help your food delivery business reach great success. Instagram has greatly snowballed over Facebook since a few years, particularly because of the unique marketing methods. As a restaurateur it is a good idea to connect with your audience base to boost sales. Your brand can go highly popular and your business can work to their advantage.

Alright, why can Instagram be a game changer for your food delivery business ? It offers many benefits which you can’t get from any other social sites. Your posts on Instagram can be more engaged with your creativity. If you quickly learn to harness the power of the Instagram techniques , you can well improve your brand and increase your sales.

The Benefits

The smartphones of today are embedded with advanced technologies, that even they can be used to shoot movies. Improved cameras and screens have literally changed the way of communication. Best camera qualities have influenced the way of sharing information on social media. A short video takes less time and is also easier than typing a text. A picture is always worth a thousand words. 

Instagram works well with truism than other platforms. Instead of describing lengthy paragraphs you can just post a picture. The lovely sight of yummy and well-plated food will really tempt your customers to order more.

Customers engagements

 There will be a lot of competition from other brands even if you handle your posts creatively. Follow the best practices to keep your customers always engaged. Fortunately, this is not any rocket science. Add a story asking a simple question like “which is your favorite pizza?” Post more often and frequently and get your customers feel responsive. If you’re confused on when to post, try understanding about different marketing trends and ideas by following successful brands.

Video posts

A video is definitely worth a million words. Post videos of your food delivery business services with more creative and attractive content. It can be anything of your service, like hot tangled noodles or a choco dripping lava cake. You can also do the same in your app or in your Ubereats Clone. The behind-the-scenes of any process scores better among the people. Post some quick clips of your chef cooking a signature dish or your staff handling the services very smoothly. 

Ask your customers to follow your hashtag and use them whenever they order from your brand. Give them a word to tag your brand in their posts. 

Instagram polls

Engage customers by adding polls and ask them to vote on things. By this way, in addition to engagement, you’ll  also get to know about what dishes work well among your potential customers. If your profile has a follower count of more than 10K, you’ll have a swipe up option, where you can make your customers send to your desired destination, may it be your website, food delivery or ubereats clone app page.

Giveaways contests 

The giveaway contests are more profitable during a special event. Organize a giveaway contest which gives more traffic and new followers to your page. For example, do a giveaway of free coupon cards that can be redeemed in your food delivery app. To participate in the event, people first have to follow your page. By this way, you can gain more followers. Have a theme and announce in your page, about the rules of the giveaway contest.

Bottom Line

Knowing more about Instagram marketing metrics to attract more customers and grow your business more quickly. You can be one of those popular and successful brands using the metrics effectively. By this, you can very well have a standard social presence also. If you are new and yet to start, then try ASAP. Do you also have any brainstorming Instagram marketing tips? Leave them in the comments.

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