At home and at business, mobility has transformed how we live, work, and play. We rely on our Smartphone to quickly get the answer for everything. We reach for our mobile device, which allows us to share every moment almost instantly on Facebook. Mobile app development has now become a must for every business.

Now that the market is jammed fully with mobile apps developers, it is time to separate them into three main categories: bad ones, good ones and brilliant ones. Of course, everybody would love to be a part of the last category, but things are not that easy. Nowadays, in order to be impressive, it is not enough to just build a great app.

Let’s take a look at where we’ve been and where we’re heading in enterprise mobility.

  • Mobile growth is booming!

Six of the seven billion people worldwide now have mobile phones. The usage of mobile is enabling new business models and transforming industries. 400 million of users login only with their mobile devices at Uber, SnapChat, or even Facebook. For many people, mobility is now the primary way they interact and get things done.

  • User convenience

One in four mobile apps, once downloaded, is never used again? This means that a high percentage of apps fall short of expectations. If mobile app developers can’t innovate or deploy quickly, users will simply delete the apps or stop using them. Companies and people want immediate benefit from the mobile experience.

  • A high-quality experience is essential

Beyond having a nice look and feel, mobile apps must be intuitive, available, and provide the appropriate content. Are you designing mobile apps that connect with back-end systems? Are they secure? Are they role-based with the tasks users need to be productive? Miss one of these and you risk being ignored or deleted.

  • Mobile development requires continuous delivery.

Do you think building up mobile app once is enough and your work is over??? No your wrong! Mobile apps are never really finished. 87 percent of enterprises update or release mobile apps every six months or less.

Users have come to expect regular updates that provide timely new features and improvements. The ability to collect user data, analyze, fine tune, and release an update equals continuous delivery.

Consumers are demanding this feature more and more often.

Here is an example: A person is online on the desktop doing some shopping. He is not decided yet for the final order, but he must leave the house. He can still check out the offers on the go, with the mobile app.

But, what if the app does not have a shopping cart? At this point, the product becomes useless!

Did you get the idea? The app must always be capable of doing the same things as the desktop website. Furthermore, they must be connected through a user account that syncs on all devices.

Mobile apps development trends are more demanding than ever, these days. We will work hard with you to keep your company in the brilliant category!

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