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Your Smartphone is your best friend.
Mobile is one of the greatest things to happen to mankind.

Developing apps to support your business on the complex matrix of mobile platforms, smartphone devices, tablet devices can be overwhelming. Worrying about the design jargons, software upgrades, compatibility issues, whether to develop a hybrid or a native app is in itself a full time job. And that’s what we do – Eat, Sleep and Breathe building apps for the Wild Wild West of the mobile world. So you can focus on what you are passionate about – running your business successfully. We, a leading Mobile app development company in Chennai, India can help you to create and prioritize your “Go to Mobile” strategy, deciding whether to build a cross platform hybrid app or a native app and actually building the app for you. Feel free to Contact Us for any of your mobile needs.

Mobile Innovation Strategy

In a recent article in the Wall Street journal , it was mentioned that the word “innovation” is badly used by businesses.

“Competitiveness” is often misunderstood as “Innovation”. Does “Innovate” mean just “stay competitive”?
Is your innovation going to be building the next “iPod” or the next “pop-tart”.

Whether you are an enterprise or a small startup or a SMB, it’s critical to have a good mobile innovation strategy that aligns with your long term vision to provide the best Return on Investment (ROI). Developing a mobile app is altogether a different ball game than building a website or a web application. Doing too much in too little time is a bad recipe. It’s important to have an incremental “Go To Market” strategy to better understand user adoption and prioritize future releases.

In today’s world the key differentiating factor is having that innovation element in the solution that you provide to your customers. In the mobile space, Innovation doesn’t have to be an idea that comes out of an Million $ brainstorming session. Innovation means listening to your customers and producing things of value. Creatively addressing customers’ small pain points is an innovation in itself. Building and integrating simple usable features in the mobile app would be much appreciated by the customers. For e.g., showing your company address on the map with directions, creating a reminder on the calendar for the event, creating an entry for the contact with all details populated is all some form of innovation that makes your mobile app
very usable.

Contact Us so we can help you to add the “innovation factor” in making your strategy an “innovation strategy” and making your mobile app more meaningful to your customers

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Native App Development

There is always a need to build mobile apps natively to leverage the powerful features provided by the underlying native platform. With the trend in minimalist and flat design, the native app has to look more native to blend with the user experience and have an easy adoption with the user community. With our in-house design team supporting our developers to create beautifully crafted awesome and cool mobile apps, you can be rest assured that your mobile app project is in safe hands and will receive best of care from our top Mobile App Development Company India.

iOS Capabilities

It’s a well known truth that iOS apps have the “Gold” standard in mobile app development for User eXperience, app design etc., Users always have high expectations for an iOS app. It’s very critical that your app should meet those “Gold” standards so that your customers continue to embrace the app and make it popular. Otherwise you have the risk of having an app with poor user adoption. Given the new trend of flat design after iOS 7 release, all the apps on the Apple appstore are getting a revamp to look and feel native. So it’s of paramount importance that your app is designed and developed the right way. Our in house design team involve full time with our iOS developers to design and develop each and every aspect of the minute details on the app. This allows us to do the right thing once and avoids numerous iterations. Our developers and designers have deep knowledge of the capabilities of the iOS platform, the iOS UX, the Apple community and that enables them to come up with the right approach for building a high quality app.

Contact Us so we can help you with building a “Gold” standard mobile app for iOS platform.

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Android Capabilities

Android App Development With more than 10 years of combined man-experience building Java/J2EE applications, we understand the architecture and framework well enough that we know what it takes to build a world class, an Android mobile app both for an enterprise and a SMB. Multiple mobile devices running Android OS presents a challenge in itself that our developers enjoy solving. We don’t consider Android to be just a mobile OS platform. With the openness of the Android platform, our Android developers have experience porting it to interface with external peripheral hardware devices for other purposes outside of the mobile ecosystem. Right now we are very keen in getting to the roots of Google glass and other wearable technologies and the impact they could cause to the technology world.

We being a leading mobile app development company in India are confident that our solution for your mobile app development needs or other device integrations needs on the Android platform will be the best world class solution. 

Contact Us and we will be glad to assist you.

Windows Phone Capabilities

Windows phone development is like the new kid on the block in the mobile space. They are slowly gaining market share in the mobile devices market and that in turn makes Windows Phone app development the next hottest thing. We have been helping clients with a variety of enterprise grade windows applications for many years now and it is a very natural fit for us do apps for Windows Phone. We are heavily invested in this platform and are in the process of becoming a Microsoft partner and Microsoft certified. We truly believe enterprises and business have to cater to the growing Windows Phone user base and just cannot ignore them. There are still thousands of popular applications that have not been ported over or not been developed for this platform. So if you don’t have an app for your Windows Phone customers you are not far behind. With the right focus you can develop your world class Windows Phone app that can make it to the top of the charts and we can help you with that.

So feel free to Contact Us

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Cross Platform Hybrid App Development

Mobile app development companies are realizing the need to build cross platform hybrid apps in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript for both cost benefit (development & maintenance) as well as the speed to be cross platform ready. If designed and built correctly, a good Cross platform app should look at home on all platforms and not look identical. It should use the native look and feel and make it hard for the user to distinguish it from a natively built app.

We are the leading one among top mobile app development companies in Chennai, India, bring our many years of web design and development experience using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript frameworks to the table for building hybrid cross platform apps. We have the expertise to build the right cross platform architecture and use the latest cutting edge frameworks like Steroids, Phonegap, Chocolate Chip UI, Sencha etc., to build cross platform hybrid apps that have that extra ounce of awesomeness and cool.

if you want to build an awesome, cool cross platform hybrid app.

Mobile Web

In the rat race of building mobile apps, people tend to forget that mobile apps cannot solve world hunger. Your customers first visit your website for getting any information about your business. In today’s world, more and more people use smartphones as their only gadget to do everything – browse internet, do online shopping etc., So it becomes very critical that there is a mobile friendly version of your website – a responsive, fluid design website that provides the information that is really needed for your customers. Gone are the days where one website design is good for your desktop browsers, tablet browsers and mobile browsers. Our seasoned web designers understand the nuances of the different screen layouts – desktop browsers, tablet browsers, smart phone browsers and design principles around responsive design, fluid design, flat design. We can bring life to your websites whether it’s viewed on a smartphone or a tablet or a desktop and make it more intuitive so that it increases the foot fall and help your customers get the information they need.

Feel free to Contact our Mobile App Development company Chennai, India to see how we can bring life to your Mobile App Development. Our services are always acknowledged by our precious customers world-wide.

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