In recent days, many on-demand services in the industry are developing rapidly without any threshold about the near future. Among these, food delivery services are soaring to new horizons every day. So keeping this as a major reason, many solopreneurs are on the lookout for a perfect app development firm to help them with launching a profitable business. The newbies highly prefers to go with UberEats clone app, instead of developing features from scratch which can have different panelsfor different users like customers, admin, drivers, etc.  Below are brief descriptions about UberEats Clone App Panels in Food Delivery Business

Customer panel

ubereats clone app panels for food delivery business

This is one of the UberEats Clone App Panels in the Food Delivery Business, where customers can enter the application with multiple options to sign up/register with your application. This may include email IDs, phone numbers, or social accounts login. The application consists of advanced refiners rightly applied to find the particular restaurant, menu list or food item required by the users.

Users can add multiple food items to the cart from any restaurant of their choice. Once added, they can proceed to the checkout process. Or can even modify orders finally, if required.

Quick payments

Through the multiple payment gateways in the application, users can choose any one of the available modes and can pay for their chosen order. Cash on delivery options will also be available, from which they can pay in hand during the delivery. Customers can give ratings and provide feedback on the respective page after the successful delivery.

Delivery panel

ubereats clone app panels for food delivery business

The delivery executives can sign up/register using their mobile numbers, email IDs or social accounts. After successful registration, they have to provide necessary details or documents to the app in order to obtain approval from the admin. They can accept or reject user requests based on the following factors such as distance, availability and more. Using the respective options in the app, delivery agents can display their status as available or any.

For an ongoing food delivery, the live location of that user can be accessed by the delivery partner. Contact details of the particular customer will also be provided. Delivery executives can also rate users on a scale of 1 to 5 after delivering their order.

Admin panel

The admin can easily manage the business and get to access all the data when required. Admin can set the operational cost, base cost, delivery fee, and many via the powerful dashboard.

Many offers and discounts are created in the dashboard. Profiles for sub-admins can be created and access can be given to them with some restrictions. The admin can view all the reports and analytics related to sales, earnings and more through the online app.

The workflow

Your ubereats clone script must have an effective workflow which will help all the users easily with the navigation. Users should be provided with multiple sign up/register methods with the app using their phone numbers, social media accounts, or email IDs. Authentication process should be completed after the successful registration process. Customers can choose a restaurant of their choice from the app or use the search or filter option to find the respective ones. They can add any number of food items to the cart from the list of available food items.


Users can proceed with their check out and pay for it using any one of the payment options available. Delivery executives will receive respective user requests, and more to that they can accept or reject the order based on a few factors. The app will display the user and restaurant details, once the request is accepted. Delivery executives are able to view the location of the users residence with their application and deliver the order to them within the ETA. Users, then rate the service and provide feedback or suggestions.


ubereats clone app panels for food delivery business

Alright! Are you juggling multiple options to build an optimized ubereats clone app ? Thinking about how to include these immense features and seamless workflows? There are many advanced tools to hit success in your food delivery business and in the food business market. 

Then DeliWare is the best option to go with. It’s an on demand food delivery clone script and is highly customizable. In BytesFlow, our trained professionals will clearly assist you through the entire app development process. And also correctly ensures that the application has become your most productive tool. Visit us to know more about our food delivery script – Deliware.


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