In the busy world, everyone is relying on multiple online platforms for almost everything, may it be shopping for food, electronics, clothes, medicines. It is an honest truth that such online platforms have made our lives very convenient. With such apps, we can order the product from anywhere and anytime. Gone are those days when for buying something, one has to wait for the weekend to go store shopping. Now it can be quickly done on the way home from work only by using your phone.

In such a pandemic, the food industry has witnessed a massive growth with great online sources. These online food ordering applications have made it possible for the people just to order anything from their favorite restaurant right away, even on a very busy day. A good in hand food ordering app is quintessential for such a purpose. It needs to include features to keep your potential customers glued.

Restaurant base

The basic and an important step in building an application like ubereats is to create a huge restaurant base and that has to be verified highly in terms of quality. Before tying up with a brand, verification is highly important, since it may tarnish the image of your business, if it’s not upto the standards. Include restaurants from all regions and don’t be limited to a specific region so that all customers can leverage your ubereats clone app.


A review section helps the customers to review the online experience about that particular restaurant after their experience. Inculcate the feature of an automatic rating to the restaurant brands based on the reviews received by customers. It greatly helps customers to use your ubereats clone. Customers can  quickly look up the app for new restaurants and see their rating by other customers. 

Food menu 

The detailed food menu page of every restaurant must be included with a quick and easy navigation. Separation of the veg and non-veg menu will be a good idea. Segregate the menu sections like desserts, starters, main menu and drinks. This will definitely make it an easy experience for the customers. Provide an online menu download option so that customers can go through the menu offline too.

Attractive UI

The important aspect of your ubereats clone app is the user interface. Build the UI as such it must enable the customers to be easily able to navigate through different features of your app. The look of the online food ordering app creates the first impression on the minds of the user. The UI should be designed in such a way that it is intuitive to the user.

Route optimization

For speedy online food deliveries, it is highly important for the delivery professional to take the shortest possible route on his/her way. The route optimization feature  will provide the shortest route by where it estimates the arrival time of the various routes. This feature reroutes the delivery professional to a shorter route, especially in traffic and to save time and to ensure faster delivery.

Make sure that your ubereats clone has a real-time update of the availability for each item listed on the online menu. It will make it easier for the customer to order something else rather than being disappointed at the time of delivery.

Bottom line

The above mentioned are some of the features that need to be included in your ubereats clone app, but there are many more. There is always a business scope for a continuous improvement to ensure you are in a competitive business.

Planning and investing in a good app is an easy option. Your market competitors will also join you in the game but if you are doing your best. You will get a point that the winning factor lies in the deep research online and its findings and how you utilize them to the best for your benefit. Visit us to get your own food delivery app developed.

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