Food delivery apps are the next great thing in the emerging on-demand app industry. The needs are higher for such food delivery services which definitely compelled many businesses to jump into this vast sector, without giving a second thought. Users are actually spoilt for their choice, due to the availability of many food delivery applications. To attract their attention and also to make them choose your app is a little tricky but still achievable with ubereats clone. This can be easily done by including some features in your app script. 

Uber Eats Clone

A complete understanding of the potential audience and their high preferences enables you to design an excellent application, which provides you a great competitive advantage. It is always not necessary to build a food delivery script from scratch. You can definitely go for an UberEats clone app without a second choice. You can very well personalize the app according to your business needs.

These ubereats clone apps are ready made, white-label solutions are fully customizable. If you opt for ubereats clone apps, you will definitely save a lot of time and resources. Let’s get into the list of features which is a must in your ubereats clone script.

Suggesting the customers

Once the customers get to initiate your food delivery app, fill their feed with delicious and mouth-watering dishes from their restaurants nearby.  Make customizing suggestions can for every user with the help of AI integration based on their relevant purchase history. The suggestions can be regarding varied prices, thus helping the users make a perfect decision. Your home feed can also display discounts and offers on the home feed. By this way, your business attracts more potential customers.

Analytic tools

Provide the restaurant owners with analytics tools which helps them to  analyze previous orders of their customers. This data analysis can be helpful in improving the service quality from the restaurant’s end. Also helps in developing engaged plans to draw the attention of the audience.

One of the fancy features which is a green signal for your ubereats clone script is allowing your customers to schedule their orders. It saves your customers time and they can do a hassle-free advanced planning. Adding more enhanced features will increase in customer satisfaction and convert them into trusted customers.


Advanced features

Integration of GPS tracking in real time to your ubereats clone script  helps your customers to track their orders with such ease. It gives them peace, if they get to know the time taken to prepare, receive and get their orders delivered.

Integrate multiple payment gateways like UPI’s, credit cards, wallets etc in  your food delivery script. It is really a must in today’s technology world. Give your users the different payment methods to pay through their choice. Also, giving them an option to pay with cash is also an add-on. This gives your users flexibility and incentives to prefer your app over the ubereats clone scripts.


An eye-catching user interface is the must have feature which makes your audience spend more time in exploring your app. It enables them to prefer your ubereats clone script over your competitors. So come up with UI/UX which enables hassle-free and seamless functioning which also enhances the user experience. Provide your users the options to rate and review their ordering experience with your food delivery script. It helps you to know the areas of where you should focus on, thus enabling the quality of your services.

Bottom Line

food ordering script

Bytesflow has an UberEats clone app, DeliWare, right on board, along with different customization ideas and services. DeliWare is food delivery software open source, it comes with Admin Panel, Customer Panel and Restaurant Panel and delivery boy app & customer app. DeliWare is available for both android and ios users. We, Bytesflow Technologies, are the one among the best food ordering script providers for food delivery/ online food ordering and other products, etc. 

Our services and products are greatly admired and acknowledged by our clients across the world. You can opt for the services which suit your demands and budget. Our development team provides live demos and also helps you understand how you should go with the app. 


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