Hola readers! You have picked up this blog at the time if your thoughts are hovering over to start any new business venture. You must definitely take away some of the main ingredients to kick-start your restaurant business. Okay, what’s so special about the content here? Let’s have a quick look at the insights on the different selling factors and state-of-the-art Lieferando clone app features for your business. Just keep reading!

These days, restaurants are upgrading their businesses to online by developing their app or merging their business with third-party delivery platforms. Merging your restaurant services with third-party platforms is backed by multiple demerits like higher commission rates, a lesser chance to expose your restaurant, and delay in delivering the orders. Let us go through those unique selling points in detail.

Delivery charges

Lieferando Clone Features

Many restaurants are charging hefty delivery charges which may highly demotivate the customers to order food from those platforms. Instead of paying such hefty delivery costs, people will definitely choose to dine in or opt for a self-takeaway from the restaurant. 

In order to encourage and boost your online food delivery sales, the delivery charges must be cut down and made it more convenient and affordable for users. 

Menu range

Another unique selling point is the wide menu range which includes different items and cuisines. With your Lieferando clone script standalone food delivery business, you should add different varieties of menus that keep attracting users. 

Also, the main reason to choose aggregator platforms is to place orders from different restaurants. The more restaurants, the more varieties of food cuisines. 


Lieferando Clone Features

The primary key to coping with the increasing competency in the food delivery industry is to adopt the latest trends. The ultimate concept of food delivery services is to provide comfort and convenience to the users, right? So adding flexible delivery options like curbside pickup, takeaway, and scheduled delivery services will be a major plus. 

With many options, users can explore the food delivery service in their own comfort. Make sure that your Lieferando clone app comes with features for scheduling the delivery and self-picking up orders.


Your Lieferando clone app will be the eye of your business. When placing the orders, the app must provide easy user accessibility. One of the major reasons why users hate any app is the ads. Do not bombard the app with ads, which will be pain points for the users. On the whole, having an easy-to-use app can fetch you great points.

Lieferando clone

The Lieferando clone app is a regular food ordering software that clubs a number of functions. At Bytesflow, our expert team has replicated the Lieferando app, thereby naming it as DeliWare. Through the launch of our DeliWare, the white-labeled Lieferando clone script, you can manage your online food delivery business effectively, which includes everything.


Lieferando Clone Features

Allowing your users to know the status of their orders will add points to the transparency of your restaurant business.

App-related or order-related messages are notified to the users via push notifications. Also, you must limit the number of messages you send through push notifications, as users may get annoyed if they receive a bunch of notifications.


Providing the self-pick-up option will come under one of the unique selling points. After selecting the items, users can select the self-pick-up option. This feature will be useful for users as they can fix their delivery time according to their convenience.

Know your hot selling items, preferred time and users for ordering, and many more user preferences via the in-app analytics tool.

Bottom line

Having stated the features of the Lieferando alternative, also added the point that it is a ready-to-use app. Visit us, to look at the demo and approval.  Any sort of customization can also be done to modify the app as you wish. After the customization process comes to a close, we will white-label the app and deliver it to you.


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