The food delivery industry is honestly gaining a paramount importance over the recent few years. It’s no wonder that many solopreneurs are stepping towards the food delivery business. Low operating costs, profitability and quick reachability is one of the main reasons for the target audience. These three reasons are the major trigger to start a food delivery business. Food delivery apps like UberEats, Doordash, Swiggy and Zomato are already doing great. And so are their clones. If your ideas are hovering over developing your own food delivery app, then this write-up is for you. 

So many entrepreneurs are overwhelmed to step into the food industry. In this blog, let’s discuss the reasons that are being a driving factor for entrepreneurs to invest in the on-demand business.


Gaining quick reach is an ultimate dream of every entrepreneur out there. With the great food delivery business by your side, great exposure can be gained. And it’s a true point that the craze for online food ordering will never get a dip among the audience.

Many popular apps are seeing their clone versions at its best. One among the competition is the doordash clone. You can let users customize their food orders and what not. 


Food delivery industry is never restricted to timings. It is operational across 24×7 in order to meet hunger. This is another reason for pulling the attention of entrepreneurs.

It’s really a great time to plan your food delivery app development. If you think that developing and maintaining your own food delivery app is burdensome, then you may be wrong. You can very well accomplish the development of your food delivery app within a few days through the clone app development. 


The doordash clone script has been claiming popularity among the masses in the food delivery industry. May it be a morning coffee, noon snack or dinner, people head to order from their favourite restaurants. Earlier, online ordering was considered a luxury, but the pandemic situation has definitely proved it wrong. 

Doordash Clone 

Doordash clone is an online food ordering script that is similar to UberEats. It’s actually a three-sided marketplace that brings together the customers, restaurants, and delivery partners. 

Inspired by Doordash’s app structure, at Bytesflow, we have developed a Doordash clone named DeliWare with multiple features embedded in it. With this ready-made doordash clone, you will get the features of customizing the app as per your business needs.

Time estimator

A transparent business process will gain you customers’ trust. There are many ways to achieve business transparency. Informing customers about the order status can be the key point. Agree? So, here comes the delivery time estimator that will calculate the time it will take to deliver the food. The delivery time is calculated taking as base different factors like availability of delivery personnel, the distance and etc.,

Order scheduling

The order scheduling feature also backs convenience for users. Users can add the preferred time of delivery through the scheduling feature. Ultimately, users can get the food delivered even before their hunger pang strikes.

Push notifications

Push notifications can never be omitted from the food delivery app. Push notifications are the main channel of communication that intimates all the order-related messages to the users.

Bottom line

We hope that these insights on the doordash clone will be highly useful for you. More than the customization, we provide scalability and consistent product support that will be cherries on top of your cake. Visit us, place your requirements and get a quotation for your app.



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