The on-demand food delivery businesses have been popular for a long time now. During this pandemic period, it ultimately becomes a great boon for the food service providers out there. Lockdown conditions had widely changed the way every business functioned, especially the restaurant industry;  Also customers have started placing orders sitting from their homes and getting them at their doorsteps.

Online food delivery businesses earn through different rates of commissions on the successful delivery of orders. But the true fact is there are different ways through which they can earn in good colors. This blog briefs about how an online food delivery business makes good money in the industry. There are a number of ways through which any online food delivery business can make revenue or profits for their concept from the white-label food delivery platform.

Commission rates

As an owner of a food delivery app, one can charge a fixed commission rate or percentage for every order placed through your platform. You negotiate or assign different commissions with multiple restaurants to provide free services. But in order to take out a platform cost you must take a commission on every order to gain revenues from the food delivery services.


Usually, restaurants spend a lot of money advertising their food menu everywhere online. As a platform owner, you charge them to advertise their brands on your smartphone or web platform.

In some cases, restaurants do not want to hire delivery personnel. They wish to use your delivery staff for their delivering their orders and obviously they will pay charges to you. So in contradiction, you can very well hire your own delivery staff to do deliveries and collect charges per order from restaurants.

Convenience charge

You can also charge your platform users called the convenience charge for ordering on your online food delivery marketplace platform. Although this is a very small amount charged per order. The potential users pay for this as they are using your platform without stepping out of their place.


Negotiations with payment gateway companies are a good option for online payments. Because you, being the platform owner of the food delivery app, usually have consistent daily transactions where the payment gateways themselves offer you the best transaction fee from your restaurant businesses.


By owning an On-Demand Food Delivery Marketplace service, you will definitely have two earning models which are solely based on subscriptions. You can come up with different plans for a business to limit the number of food orders, number of menus, order placements, featured listings, Deliveroo clone, digital advertisements, social media marketing, etc in your food delivery business.

For every potential user, you can well provide them with various plans for monthly subscriptions, discounts, reward points, etc. Charging can be done monthly, quarterly, or annually.


The massive exposure to your platform due to high traffic gives you an opportunity to charge a well-premium advertisement cost from related restaurants to place their listings or banners on your web platforms.

Every business has its own functionalities and requirements for doing their business. Some are okay with receiving incoming orders from web software and some may wish to have an individual Deliveroo clone script to manage their orders efficiently. Some need thermal printouts of their order receipts and some may easily manage through the apps. You can charge them accordingly for these various additional services.

Marketing Campaigns

You can offer multiple plans to do marketing campaigns for the restaurant business. It is the nature of the restaurant business, that the owners will be running out of time to do digital marketing or email campaigns. You can extend your help to market their business to gain more customers and profit for your food delivery business.


To be honest, it is not just about the commission rates on orders. But you will find a number of ways for your income and revenues in Online food delivery services. This is the blooming time when people are desperately in love to place orders without stepping out of their residences. It will definitely be a good business model if you are having plans of starting your own with an app like Deliveroo Clone. If you are in need to develop your own food delivery app for your business then visit us know more.

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