Developing an optimized food delivery application like ubereats clone is not a one night procedure. The online solutions for food delivery methods are becoming very popular among the millennials and the youths too. To greatly satisfy the emerging demands of the people, many business owners and solopreneurs have started stepping into their own food delivery apps.

It definitely includes better market research, knowledge about customer behavior, request management and delivery partners. It is a basic thing to have all the three versions of your ubereats clone app. The customers, restaurants, and the one for delivery partners. If there exists any issues in one of the systems, the order will not be completed. This blog briefly details about these three important versions to have in your food delivery app.

Customer version

Your food delivery app must be easy to use, so that users can place their orders quickly. This will highly depend on the features that you include where others don’t. In this customer version, the very first thing the customer will get into is the login/registration page. This helps you to have your customers as a registered user and understand them deeply.

Access or login can be through phone numbers, email id, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social networks. Enabling multiple login methods is the must for an app. The registration process must be made faster.

Quick processes

The customers must not be led to lengthy procedures. Information like username, password, address, and payment details is enough at the beginning. 

After a successful login, the user can proceed searching for the nearby restaurants. They can have a look at prices, menus and offers. Keep highly-curated search features. You can very well assist your developer regarding these in the development phase.


If customers wish to find different cuisines or a specific one, you can provide them the option of searching restaurants with that particular dish. This will be your one of the unique features.

When a user is adding an item to the cart, certain things are important between adding an item and to final purchase. This is an important step in business to make more profits. It is very much necessary to keep the user uninterrupted in between. You can also do an upsell at this stage, which will be an added advantage for your ubereats clone.

Payment time

At the final stage of purchasing, the main thing to notice is the payment gateway, which must be done fast and secured by the customer. 

No issues must be found during the payment. The developers will focus on this part since. Also, offering various payment methods like card payments, UPI and cash on delivery.


Once delivering an ordered item to the customer, asking about their experience will definitely help you to build a strong connection. With this, you can very well improve your customer experience. You can send some pop up questions in the push notifications like –  Was the food as expected? Can you please rate us? Options can be provided where the users can share their order whereabouts on social media. 

Delivery Partners

The primary thing when it comes to the delivery partner version is the same signup process as the customer. An added password recovery feature will be a highlight in case of forgetting the credentials. The delivery partners can accept or decline orders using this panel. Once they accept the orders, the customer and the restaurant can view the exact location.

Once the delivery personnel has access to the app, they can accept the requests from the restaurants for the order pickup. 

Restaurant Version

The essential version of all three in your ubereats clone script. The restaurant admin has to make access for the restaurant list on the app. This version of the app will help in order management, customer’s requests, menu, and pricelist etc. The similar and the foremost thing is the signup process. After successful login, the restaurant owner is good to go. The important feature to include in your Ubereats Clone for the restaurant listing to reach your customer.

Hassle – Free

Once an order request is up, the restaurant accepts the order. And assigns a delivery partner. For this purpose, the admin panel must be well distinguished in your food delivery script.

This lets the users know about the current status of the order like order confirmed, being prepared, delivery partner is on the way to pick up the order and order is on the way. Once the customer receives their order, the cycle is completed. 

Bottom Line

Are you still perplexed about how to choose the must have features for your own food delivery app ? Then it’s the right time to discuss with our technical experts at Bytesflow Technologies. Our professionals will offer the best and optimized solutions to come up with the best in class food delivery app that is specific to your business. Visit us to know more.

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