The food ordering and delivery business is growing day by day. And it has been extending its reach all around the international market trends. Many food delivery apps UberEats, Postmates, Grubhub, etc are the right examples of how this concept has the best promising and foreseen future. Let’s discuss the essential features of UberEats Clone Script, which is one of the top clone scripts in the list. 

These food delivery apps eliminate the difficulties and fusses of traditional dine-in methods. Rather than building an app right from scratch, using an UberEats clone will be the best choice. Are you that solopreneur, who is very much intended to launch a food delivery service and to attain a great thrust in your business? Then this article will briefly explain the must-have essential features of UberEats Clone Script.

Platform Independent 

The technical logic of the platform’s independence will surely extend your restaurant business to people connected with different devices. Launching a good food ordering application is an easy task. But it must be supported by all Android, iOS, and desktop systems. So, this must be chosen as the first feature in your checklist.

Different Panels

For any food ordering script, there must be three key panels – Users, Restaurants, and Delivery Partners. All three partners must be provided with mutual communication points to connect with one another if required. So, a well-efficient UberEats clone script provides three different applications for the whole three different personalities in the process. 


This is one of the primary features of any food delivery business. Generally, customers use all sorts of payment gateways on food delivery apps based on their convenience. So providing multiple payment gateways makes sure that the customers never bounce back because of not finding their comfort methods. So, your UberEats clone script must support multiple payment methods like Debit cards, Credit cards, UPI, Wallets, and as well as Cash on Delivery.

Location Detection

alt="a person detecting the live location of his food order on his mobile using UberEats Clone App"

Detecting the location automatically is an enhancement and important feature which can be highly used to check that the location opted for is deliverable or not. Manual turning on and off of this location feature is really an add-on.

However, the customers can very well place orders for their suitable acquaintances from some other town or places, applied that the same food delivery service is available.

Live Tracking

After placing a successful order, users can be updated by each of the delivery processes. The live status of their order can be shown, thereby users can get an idea of the ETA of their order. The live tracking also provides an enhanced experience which even includes the details of the delivery personnel who are on the route with their order.

Notifications & Reviews

Push or pop-up notifications are mainly for customer engagement and for better communications. You keep your customers updated on various stuff such as new offers, coupons, ratings, reviews, order status, new add-ons in the list, etc. To stay up in your market trends, don’t miss out on this tool.

In these modern days, nobody buys things from any of the sites without hitting its review space. Mainly when it comes to food, the quality and hygiene cannot be compromised. With the review option, you can highly utilize customer-generated content for your own good. And good transparency is there for your overall operations. 

Bottom Line

Keeping good track of the above-mentioned things helps you to picture your business performance.  Choosing the correct script will be a tedious task. Are you looking for the best UberEats clone? Then, DeliWare is the best fit for your search algorithm. This UberEats clone script is open-source software. 

DeliWare is a food app script and has widely accomplished admiration across the world. DeliWare, Ubereats clone app script is easily available for iOS and Android users both. Visit Us to know more about our product. All the best for your way in this greatly profitable niche.

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