Bad to worse may be the right way to define the state of many restaurants across the globe, especially in the Asia pacific region. With so many customers preferring comfort deliveries over dine-ins, a range of restaurants underwent a dry patch for the past few years. They managed to stay amidst all the chaos, supplementing their growth by achieving a balance between dine-ins and takeaways. Cloud kitchens are the new trend.

Are you a solopreneur aiming to launch an UberEats clone? Well, here’s your quick card to success. In this blog, you’ll get to know how cloud kitchens can help your platform scale in popularity and revenue.

The delivery-only model

Let’s accept it. With thousands of apps launched every month, the competition has become intense. There’s been a great crowd in the on-demand food delivery market. The majority of solopreneurs prefer the aggregator model, displaying top-rated restaurants in their platform. 

While this model yielded good results in the past, restaurants are reluctant to give up a fixed percentage of their income on every order. 

Cloud kitchens 

For a traditional restaurant, dine-ins are the only major source of revenue. When looking at the expense sources, a good seater restaurant space costs a deal of money anywhere across the world. Salary to the staff, material expenses, and maintenance costs on the top of the pile as well. These things will push the sales even further, making it even more challenging for restaurants. Building an enhanced ubereats clone script is highly expensive but at the same time will provide high profits.

Carpe Diem

Many solopreneurs come up with brilliant ideas. Your idea needn’t be an out-of-the-world invention. The golden rule of success is really simple. Invent an idea and reach out to the audience base at the right time. As mentioned earlier, innovating your UberEats clone with cloud kitchens can come in handy. 

The food delivery app industry has been blooming ever since the outbreak. On-demand delivery apps have become the talk of the town. Food and grocery delivery startups are growing at a fast rate. 


May it be any industry or a businesses. Things which get aligned with customer trends will succeed. The expectations of the customers have forever been dynamic mainly when it comes to food delivery services. Initially, calling restaurants over the phone and placing orders was cool. 

Bottom line

Coming up with innovative ideas is a solopreneur’s area of expertise. Crafting those ideas giving a super shape to it in the form of market valued apps is one area that Bytesflow claims mastery over. 

Heading towards the future, restaurants will definitely have a crucial responsibility. Cloud or virtual kitchens are an ideal way to conserve budget, reach out to the audience base, and ultimately, boost profits. Tell us your business demands, and we’ll provide you a white labeled UberEats clone in the shortest time possible. Visit Us to know more.

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