QR codes or Quick Response code is getting popular as they are a very convenient method of accessing data quickly. They behave just like barcodes which we often come across in stores, but the main difference is that QR codes  can store more data when compared to other magnetic codes.  

Today contactless delivery services are being popular at every place. Using the QR codes for food delivery purposes for proceeding the payment has become an usual habit nowadays.

QR Code Menus 

The QR code menu makes the work possible for the customer to view the digital menu and order without any further physical contact. Simply, scanning and placing the orders can be done in a hassle free way.  With these instant QR code options, the debit or credit card or cash is goes unseen for the payment purposes.

Digital Ways

Implementing contactless methods, especially during COVID-19 where social distancing has become a new norm. The customers are browsing the digital menu and placing their favorite orders, with very less chances of mistakes in order history. Since customers are ordering by themselves, there is no such worries for blame games. 

Use QR Code menus?

  1. Placing the QR code menus on the top of the table or at the ordering arena from where the user can scan the code easily.   
  2. After the scanning process, they can view the detailed food menu without any food delivery app script installed on their phones.  
  3. Now the user can place orders using the online menu and inside staff receives the order as normally.

Dynamic and Static QR Codes

The dynamic code includes a modifiable destination URL address. The destination can be changed at any time and whenever in need. It is easy to make any further changes. On the other side, the static code has a fixed URL for the destination. The data is stored straightly in the graphic and it is not possible to make any changes. 

Benefits of Dynamic QR Codes

You can boost your restaurant sales by using dynamic QR in an effective following ways:

QR Code Campaigns

Every restaurant has its own menus whether it may be breakfast, lunch or dinner along with any offers attached. Providing such rewards to the users is the best way to attract customers. Restaurant owners can get themselves up from the modifying menu and rewards on a daily basis by using dynamic and scan-able QR codes.  

Campaigns Based on Festivals

Owners can use dynamic code which will be useful in changing menus and offers at their end by changing the URL. Suppose, in case, if the offers lead to lemonade or ice cream scoops in the summer season and you wish to change it to hot drinks or soups, etc., in the cold season, then you can easily do that using such dynamic QR Codes.  

QR Code to Update Information

Updating time-to-time menus according to the preferences and keeping the same is necessary, if you possess a huge loyal customer base. Keeping your potential customers informed about the new additions to your menu list through QR campaigns can help you in boosting your sales and revenues. Make well sure that you include these QR code features in your food delivery app or in your ubereats clone.

Bottom Line

QR codes remain as an unused zone with a lot of demand and potential specifically in the field of the restaurant business. This will be an efficient way to boost your restaurant sales. Using a dynamic QR code in your food delivery marketing campaigns can make it possible for you to increase the restaurant growth and sales considerably.

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