If you have planned to step into a food business, trust me it’s definitely gonna be hard work. The foremost step or a giant hurdle for every food entrepreneur is trying to find a commercial place in a popular place to run their business legally. Commercial spaces and commissaries are called “shared kitchens,” where several people will have access to that particular group kitchen. 

You must have a commercial space with a license to legally carry forward your food business. This is an essential plan before starting your restaurant business. Also, an ample amount of space and other facilities are must to run a restaurant. This trend really helps you, if you are planning to start a delivery-only restaurant.

Shared kitchen

A shared kitchen is an inspected and licensed food processing arena which rents out the very use of equipment and the available space to different small-scale, value-added and some food production solopreneurs, cooks etc. These days, the shared kitchen concept is becoming a trending force since the foodies are turning their food specialties into business concepts via different online food ordering platforms and other outlets.

The shared kitchen is nothing but a kitchen incubator or a communal kitchen. A space from any commercial area which has a license and design for food production. 

The need

The communal kitchen is a cost-effective concept. Here you’ll get a good food space for affordable rent. There involves a cost sharing for every detail. This will really be beneficial for the caterers in need of a working space specially on weekends. Also, there’s no need to pay the whole month. These are fully equipped kitchens, where you don’t need to buy new kitchen stuff. 

Going for a full-time and a dedicated kitchen is more expensive and most of them come with not licensed to produce commercial food business.


Every shared kitchen is built based on the legal regulations and safety standards etc. So, there’s no need to worry about the guides to run your restaurant business without hindrance. There won’t be any situations about the shut down scenarios  by the health inspections because your spaces have insurance. It is a must to have liability insurance, food business license and handler’s card to get started. Add photos of the clean cooking space in your ubereats clone script.

Food business

The community kitchen will accept orders only through online food delivery apps. It’s only a delivery only model and offers no dine-in options. Make sure you partner with the popular food delivery app services. It’s very much recommended to build your own app or go for any readymade ubereats clone. There are benefits of additional services like demo space and incubator features.

The extra bills including contractors, water, current, sewage, security, building codes will be in the shared kitchen holders. So not to worry about the bills.

Bottom line

By opting the shared kitchen concept, you can focus more on cooking your food with quality by saving on infrastructure. Also, with a good food ordering script, things will work fine. This involves minimum risk and high liquidity in food business. You can do very well and can enter the next phase of growth at a shorter span of time. If your findings have no answers, try contacting other local food brands for the kitchen spaces.

Whether you are a solopreneur, baker, food truck, or any other person interested in this industry, then investing in the shared kitchen is best for you.

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