The two questions which haunt the youngsters of this generation, What to eat and what to wear today?  In the world of instant technology, it is easy to get things right at our doorsteps. Because ordering our favorite food has become easy these days. UberEats, an on-demand food delivery app, which greatly helps in delivering our favorite food item with many choices. 

Despite the existing features in UberEats, this blog gives you some upgrades in the UberEats food app. If you are someone who wishes to be a great entrepreneur in this era of online food delivery, keep reading this blog to the end to create your UberEats clone app.


Personalization feature on this app helps you to choose the favorite food of your choice. This app will give you the food items in restaurants by filtering the odd ones out. This personalization happens by how you order food items frequently by using this app.

Restaurants also feel happy about this upgrade as they can filter out their menus instead of sending lengthy ones.

Quality feedback

The UberEats clone app must have tie-ups with more restaurants. And may be at times, it will be quite confusing for the customers to order what they want to have. Variety of choices will obviously leave us bewildered. For this problem, there is a solution in this app.

The “quality feedback” feature in this app provides us with the feedback of what the customers felt about the menu or about the restaurant. 


UberEats clone script has this feature of displaying our favorite food on the top of the list. When a food item or a restaurant is selected as “favorite” by us, then it will stay at the top of our feed.

Cloud Kitchens

UberEats app also provides a new feature called dark restaurants. This virtual restaurant collects the unavailable food items information from the customers and sends the list to the restaurants, informing them about the customer’s needs. Then these restaurants fix the problems by introducing the food items. Therefore it helps both the clients as well as the customers.

UberEats clone script

Developing an UberEats like app doesn’t involve huge capital investment. It’s a matter of two days. Not only the time and money are saved, but also the entrepreneur can create magic in the business using personalization features available in the UberEats clone app. If you are a solopreneur and wish to start a business with minimal capital in this sector; then, the UberEats clone app is the right fit for you.


Apps like UberEats thrive in the startup business. And those who invest money in such an online food delivery market are highly satisfied as it turned out to be a huge success. Hence it is wise to start a business in this area. The development of an app like UberEats involves the risk of more money and time. Therefore Entrepreneurs find it difficult to invest such huge amounts of money in it. But with Bytesflow, things were made easy. Visit us to know more about our products and services.

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