In this crisis, a big dent has been made especially in the restaurant industry. Now social distancing is the new normal and can prolong for the next 10-15 months till things get back to peace. So, It is highly advisable for restaurant business people to adapt to the new trend of food delivery services as an important to the time. We are living in the days where booking a table or making appointments is really impossible.

All the stuff that is happening is with just a few clicks on a mobile application. With a mobile app for your restaurant business, you can reach the potential customers and attain higher success in your business. You can either develop an app from scratch or can go with an UberEats clone script. The second option is the best choice. 

There are many benefits associated in using an UberEats clone for your restaurant business. Okay, let’s have a quick look about them.

Better customer experience

The reduction in waiting time and increase in sales provides the fast and easy customer experience. Sometimes, the restaurant faces a problem of mismanagement and overcrowding if due to unorganized online bookings. But with these applications they can be made easy. Food delivery scripts can be built in such a way, where users can proceed with a hassle free ordering experience. This also helps in the restaurant side to manage the preparation and food orders quickly and smoothly. 

Menu access 

Customers can easily see what food the restaurant offers with easy menu access. It’s an add-on attraction if the menu consists of eye appealing pictures of different food items. Nowadays, restaurants have the new trend of digital menu cards uploaded in their application. This really helps the customers to proceed ordering their food online with just a few clicks.  

Retain Users

User retention is the best approach for any mobile app. Rewards and loyalty points are the features which work best in the cases of retaining users. Restaurants generally provide coupons or gift cards for its user retention. The alternative and the best solution for this is the mobile rewards and loyalty programs. Customers expect to be rewarded in any little way for their repeated visits. Making them earn reward or bonus points for keeping up certain loyal actions and offering them a way to redeem their offers and points is the best way to retain them.


Developing a food delivery application gives more visibility to your restaurant to the customers. Because, every food delivery application provides every type of information which includes menu, availability, location, menu, opening/closing hours, etc. Restaurant people can also post the pictures of their interiors, dinings and the kitchen space to facilitate real time communication with their customers. This also creates good brand awareness. Social sharing facilities further helps the users to share your brand with their friends on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


The success factor of any business is the valuable feedback of the potential customers. If there is no feedback from your customer side, then you will never get to know what deficiencies your customers are facing with your food app script. So, it is highly important to have a separate panel where your users can provide post feedback and ratings. This will definitely help you in improving your services. And also can make your customers feel greatly valued. The positive feedback you get are the add ons to stay motivated.

Target Audience

Generally, the people of the age group around 20 to 35  tend to use applications to make reservations in the restaurants. Most of the people at least have one food delivery app installed on their mobiles. The mid age group customers find it really interesting to use an application as others. 

Payment options

Offering multiple payment options is the biggest advantage of any food ordering script. It highly provides much convenience for both the restaurants and the customers. Customers can choose the mode of payment with ease which includes debit/credit cards, UPI’s, cash in delivery etc.


Replying to a pile of questions from the customers is a little tough task, but its quite easy with the help of our UberEats clone script. Most of the queries are common and can be answered by a FAQ section. Brief information at each stage to help your customers understand your product and services in a better way. 


DeliWare is the best on demand UberEats clone script which is 100% customizable. This is an open source software and is written in PHP. DeliWare is food app script and has broadly accomplished admiration across the zone. DeliWare, Ubereats Clone is easily available for both android and ios users.

Bottom Line

We, Bytesflow Technologies, provide you the best in class UberEats Clone app Script, In our product DeliWare, you can find all the enhanced features of a good food app script. Visit us to know more about the in-depth details about our product.

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