New and Useful PHP Techniques
There are lot of features and techniques coming up in PHP.Here is a detailed info on the topic

1. Catching Dynamic PHP Pages easily

It is very important to look for pages that receives more traffic,and which page requires a number of database request rather than caching the entire site.Static HTML pages has no benefit from caching and there by slows down the process.Dynamic pages requires this technique and has been sucessfull through PHP.

2. Reading Excel pages using PHP

When an excelreader is unzipped ,a file named example.php illutrates how to read excel sheet using PHP code.And the most important thing is the Excel folder, it contains all the necessary files and API that will actually perform your operation.

3. Retrieve your Gmail Emails using PHP

Grabbing emails from Gmail account has become very easy and quick using PHP.Using the individual user name and password the Gmail account is connected.Once it is connected all emails are retrieved.All this is done using a small PHP code.

4. Creating web services using PHP

A basic web service that provides an XML or JSON response using some PHP can be easily created.Creating a basic web service is very simple and encouragesusers to spread the word about website or service.

5. Automatic face detection in photos with PHP

This technique would be quiet interesting because lot of information today is received using pictures or photos.Detecting the images would be quiet helpful.

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