Many kinds of applications and softwares simplify the tasks and speed up the processes for any kind of business owner and their brand employees. But, on the other hand, finding the correct tool for their business can be slightly over flowing, where at times, even the tech savviest people may feel perplexed. Many tools and softwares are available in the market with paid subscriptions. 

Stating to the facts, apart from any feature-rich software and expensive tools for finishing a job, there are many low-priced and free alternatives which can suffice. Many of the freemium and commercial software offers free trials up to a certain validity. By that, you can decide and try out a tool, and know about its features. Here, this list contains software products from 7 various categories. Let’s get a quick check about them.


This is a distinct and the most reliable business management platform. StudioCloud acts as a one-stop solution for all your business needs. It can be anything like, managing your business anytime and anywhere. So, quickly check this business tool which helps you in organizing and simplifying tasks in your life.


You can manage your clients, vendors and partners at one place. Also creating and sending professional invoices exists in the same place. You can even send personalized, automated email and text reminders. Checking up on the clients review and contract features are also available. The look and feel of the software is easily customizable.


This is financial and accounting software, a free, web-based invoicing and accounting service. Wave also supports ads. The integrated tools and software consists of payments, payroll and also the personal finances. Wave has many features which includes tracking the expenses, direct data imports, recurred invoicing and also credit card processing. Mobile application versions are also available for managing various receipts, payroll and invoices on the go.

Zoho One

Zoho One is a wholesome company management system and a business management software which has everything integrated to run your restaurant business with 40 impressive business apps. All you need to do is that, just connect all these multiple applications so that every team can work together more efficiently and productively. With Zoho One, you can ultimately manage almost every aspect in one system.

Teams/ Zoom/Meet

The audio and video calling options have gained massive adoption during this pandemic. Many video conferencing applications like Google Meet, Zoom and Microsoft Teams have become the new normal for any kind of business meetings. Many of the companies are using the premium of these software tools to conduct virtual meetings and webinars.


Email marketing is one of the effective marketing channels. With this, you can simply collect and send emails or other valuable information to your customer list. It’s really very simple and keeps your restaurant delivery business on top.


However, the free plan of MailChimp comes with various features that includes, custom forms, A/B testing, reports and segments. You can generate mail campaigns regarding your food delivery app script or Ubereats Clone. You can also learn about subscriber’s engagement and its related website activity. 


This is an absolute file recovery tool. At times, we may delete a file just because we think there’s no need for it anymore. To be on point, “a clean computer is a faster computer”. And instantly we may search for the deleted file. So, here comes the Recuva, which can rescues deleted files even from the bin, SD cards and other such unsaved MS Word documents. 


This is yet another tool for quick and easy file backup. Employees can access and backup any critical files of the company from anywhere. Okay, how about the safety of the files stored on the cloud? To answer this, Dropbox offers two-step verification and also a remote wipe option.

Many times, the problem isn’t the service, it’s the user. Involves extra steps can to add security by making all the employees verify their files uploaded, and don’t have any public URL. 

Bottom Line

So all in all, having the most useful business software, will definitely help, support, automate and improve your brand and it’s standards. Maintains overall efficiency and accuracy. Need to get your own application developed? Visit Us to know more. Comment below, if you know about any other tools !

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