Social media has become the new marketing medium these days. Almost every business, either big or small, is using social media platforms to attract their audience. Going with social media is a unique idea for promotion and great results. Door to door and word to mouth marketing are gone by the days. It’s time for ad promotions. As a restaurateur, you must know the ways of running restaurant ads on different mediums.

However, it’s not a matter of fact to take a plunge in social media platforms, but how effectively you use it is very important. Many solopreneurs will get lost in the way before reaching the destination. An organic presence takes more time. So, what helps you to reach a greater audience in a shorter amount of time? Obviously, ads on social media channels.

Major reasons

The best places to find your audience is on different social media channels. To remain ahead in the neck to neck competition in your industry, try adopting new ways of restaurant paid social media promotions and marketing. You will post great stuff, but it won’t be reaching your audience. So, the organic reach of your post will be low.

Talking about Facebook posts, you may reach around 2% of your followers. However, it is difficult to create viral content at the initial stages. Running ads will allow you to increase your customer base. By this way, you can very well reach a large number of people in a very less time.


Always have a defined set of audience before running any restaurant ads campaign. With an undefined audience group, your campaign will not reach greater extent. You can target a specific group of audience according to your business. This shows you which is working and what’s not. Always plan your marketing campaign wisely with a minimum budget.


Video posts have more engagement than the picture. Youtube has a larger profile base. Consider the pay-per-view model of youtube. With this, you have to pay only when someone watches your ad. You can target ads to appear in your area. If you’re thinking about a cost-effective advertising campaign, YouTube is the best option. It is a well known fact that Youtube outperforms other social media sites. Direct your visitors straight to your ubereats clone from your ads.

If you have any upcoming event coming or introducing a very new item in your restaurant or announcing any special discount, run ads across the media to gain more insights.


You might have seen the craving food posts on Instagram with different hashtags. Many people share stories about what they eat and the place. So, this will be the right time to dive on Instagram. Upload mouth watering posts to attract many dinners with your restaurant ads. Also, add the best menu items on your Instagram and keep them directed to your ubereats clone script.

Use many catchy slogans and cations. And encourage them to download your very own food ordering application. Yes, paid ads will be heavy on your pocket, but you can set your budget accordingly.

Bottom line

You will get yourself into the limelight when your advertising skills are in a better way. Remember, not getting out of sight and mind. Hope, this blog will be helpful in a way to kick start your ads on social media platforms. In case, if you are looking for developing your very own online food ordering script, then get in touch with us. Also, which social media platform would you prefer for your advertising ? Let us know in the comments below. 

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