With hectic schedules and the stresses of work, every working person today looks forward to unwinding over the weekends while catching up with friends at dinner or over a couple of drinks. One way to take these experiences up a level is to host events in your food delivery restaurant every now and then. You could also look into getting music nights, organizing stand-up events, or even movie screenings.

Use your social media to spread the word about these events and make sure your customers have something to truly look forward to. You could also livestream these events, to take up online engagement.


Offering deals and discounts are age-old ways of attracting new customers. You could offer percentage-based discounts to your loyal customers such as 10% off of their first order or a time-based discount every day. Promoting these discounts by email or social marketing just a little before meal times is a good idea to convince customers to place orders or drop in for a quick bite from your food delivery app.


Offering deals such as buy two get one or happy evening specials on certain days of the week to increase footfall. When deciding how to time these offers, use the data collected by your POS to make decisions that create the most impact on your UberEats clone script.

Social media 

It’s no secret today that social media is king. And the best way to make your posts reach customers is to use social media. But how do you even start? Take it one at a time. To begin with, post high-quality photos on your Instagram and social handles of your signature dishes of your food delivery app.

Just one appetizing photo of amazing food or an ice-cold coffee on a hot summer day can convince a customer to place an order immediately from your food delivery app.

New trends

While these posts can tip the scales in your favor, never just stop there. Try to collaborate with influencers who can help your social media profiles get a much wider reach. Next, it’s important to use hashtags in all your posts as well for your UberEats clone app.

#foodblogger are just some of the most widely looked up hashtags on Instagram. You could also use hashtags, depending on upcoming holidays and events.

Loyalty points

Loyalty programs have been around for a while but their role has really taken off in the restaurant industry over the last couple of years. Today, all restaurants, big or small, rely on loyalty programs to retain customers and promote their business. There are a ton of options to introduce these programs if you don’t already have one in place. For instance, if you run a café, you could offer a free coffee to a customer once every month. 

Loyalty programs increase recognition for your brand, but they also make your customers feel looked after. When done right, these programs lead to repeat sales quickly on your food delivery app.

Bottom line

As the restaurant industry grows every day, the best ways to promote your restaurant change as well. The ideas we’ve given you are among the most effective ways of restaurant promotion today and can go a long way in bringing in new customers to your food delivery app. The right kind of marketing strategy can increase your ROI by leaps and bounds, so it’s important to make these decisions wisely.

It might take a little trial and error at first, but soon you’ll be able to figure out what works best for your restaurant and your customers. Visit us to know more.

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