It’s a universal truth that people will always go after what’s convenient for them. This formula applies to everything in life from the music that we listen to, the dress we wear, and yes, also the food we eat. This is definitely the biggest factor behind the boom of every food delivery app like Uber Eats, Swiggy, Zomato etc. If you are an entrepreneur and looking for an idea about UberEats clone script, then this blog is for you. Okay, let’s get in!

Key factors of the best food delivery app

Before stepping into the whole details on how to develop their food delivery app from an UberEats clone, certain things are well worth noting about it. An UberEats clone will be comprised of the following major elements:

  • Starts with a sign up functionality for every new user. Creating an account using their email or via any social sites like Google and Facebook. 
  • Toggling options to choose any cafe or restaurant from a list of availables from the users demographic.
  • Once chosen, they can quickly place orders from a menu of their selected restaurant.
  • After adding to the cart, they can pay with the multiway payment system for using promo codes, if applicable. Customers can pay quickly for their purchases. Many payment options are integrated like credit cards, debit cards, COD, Paytm, Google Pay etc.
  • They can track the order status, ETA, and delivery partner’s map route.
  • Favourite restaurants and foods can be saved for their future reference.
  • Options to chat with the technicals regarding their orders, cancellations, delivery queries are provided.

UberEats Clone

Many startups can’t afford to develop their food delivery app very similar to Uber Eats right from the scratch.

But nowadays, even startup businesses can come up with applications similar to Uber Eats just for the fraction of a cost. The cost-effective alternatives are the Uber Eats clones, which hastens the development process and reduces the cost. Many popular Uber Eats clones provide every necessary block to create a successful food delivery app.

The developers just need to arrange those blocks correctly to come up with a food delivery app similar to Uber Eats. When you build an application from scratch, more time will be spent for optimization. By using UberEats clones, significantly the time and money spent will be altered.


The food ordering industry is actually fast-growing in the trends. The value of such on demand food delivery apps even like UberEats soars higher, as the technology behind it continues to grow. 

DeliWare is an UberEats Clone like Grubhub, Postmates, UberEats etc. It is an open source software and has been developed for providing food delivery script to our diligent Entrepreneurs. 

This script is 100%customizable and whitelabel. It involves various robust functions and exclusive features to help you run your Food Business smoothly and Outstanding.

Bottom Line

Are you still unsure about how to accomplish the latter, then it’s the best idea and the right time to discuss with our experts at Bytesflow Technologies. Our in house professionals surely offer the best solutions to come up with your food delivery app that is specific to your business.

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