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Node. js is a platform built on Chrome’s JavaScript run time for fast,and calculable network applications. Node. js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficient, perfect for data-intensive real-time applications that run across distributed device.

Node.js is an open source server environment.
Node.js is free.
Node.js runs on various platforms such as Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, etc.
Node.js uses JavaScript on the server.

What Can Node.js Do?

Node.js can generate dynamic page content.
Node.js can create, open, read, write, delete, and close files on the server.
Node.js can collect form data.
Node.js can add, delete, modify data in your database.

What is a Node.js File?

Node.js files contain tasks that will be executed on certain events.
A typical event is someone trying to access a port on the server.
Node.js files should be initiated on the server before having any effect.
Node.js files uses extension “.js

Node. js is an open source platform which has built on ChromeV8 JavaScript engine. js platform enables JavaScript users to utilize the language for server-side scripting, with running scripts to produce dynamic web page content.

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