mongo DB

Mongo DB

MongoDB is a document-based database which is built for application developers and for the cloud era. Use of MongoDB database is more lucrative and productive than other databases . This database is used by millions of developers to power the world’s most innovative products and services like Facebook, eBay,adobe and so on. MongoDB is a document database, which means it stores data in JSON-like documents. This form of extracting data from database is much more natural and convenient than the conventional row/column model.

JSON documents features:

  •  natural and productive platform
  • Supports arrays and nested objects as values are used.
  • flexible and dynamic schema.

MongoDB has multiple which is easy to understand and use. Moreover, It makes data remarkably easy for everyone, from developers to analysts to data scientists.MongoDB is a document-oriented NoSQL database used for high volume data storage. MongoDB is a database which came into light around the 2000. It falls under the category of a NoSQL database.

Features of MongoDB:

  • strong database.
  • collection of large data.
  • use of JSON documents
  • Powerful query language.
  • store arrays, and other complex structures.
  • NoSql databases. 

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