WordPress is an open source CMS with a free licence,it has become extremely popular for all kinds of businesses, and it has been downloaded more than 30 million times worldwide. WordPress is everyone’s favorite because it is packed with loads of SEO- friendly features.

It is very easy to manage content using WordPress. You can build your own blog using WordPress. Google gives importance to new and unique content for ranking, and thus WordPress can help you add new blog posts and regularly refresh your content.

Google determines the relevancy of your content by inserting popular keywords and search phrases into the website URL’s.

Using WordPress u can easily navigate the pages through the website and index all the pages.The more Google finds new content, the more they will return to your website.

To run WordPress you just need a domain and web hosting. WordPress is very flexible, easily adaptable and contains lots of built in features. It primarily remains the best solution to use for blog and has become a comprehensive Content Management System used for many different types of websites, business sites, job boards etc…
Google loves WordPress because it uses well written code . WordPress allows you to add new content everytime, which tells the search engine that your site is active and alive. This increases your search engine ranking and your chances of being found via search results.

One great thing about WordPress is that its completely open source, which means anyone can modify the code if necessary and customize WordPress according to their needs.

WordPress allows its users to manage and edit their website from any computer provided it is connected to the Internet. It does not require any software, all the updates and edits can be done anytime and anywhere. It does not require any editing software or any other tool.
WordPress comes in two flavors, hosted and self-hosted. Both versions have their advantages and disadvantages.

However, taken together they offer small small businesses a platform that can grow as their needs do.
Given the ease of use and availability of thousands of professional quality themes and plugins, it’s not surprising that

WordPress is the most popular web publishing system on the planet.
WordPress helps you to build Responsive websites which means your website looks great and work well on a smartphone or tablet.

When you choose WordPress you have complete control over your website.

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