We all are aware of the 2 most powerful E-commerce platforms –WordPress and Magento. They both have their own strength and suitability according to the needs. One is a product of e-bay and other is a plugin for WordPress.

Generally, E-Commerce platforms are very easy to set up and use and come with minimal set up cost.

If your thinking of setting up a online business, these two platforms will appear somewhere on your short list. So now the big question… Which way to choose — WORDPRESS or MAGNETO????

We will have a look on the similarities between the 2 platforms:

  • Open Source Product
  • Free to Use
  • Upload unlimited products and manage them effectively
  • Very helpful platforms for SEO

Although WordPress began as a simple blogging platform, over the last decade it has matured into a solid CMS solution with many plugins available to enhance your website with a range of fully-functional eCommerce capabilities. Woo-Commerce is ideal for small and medium-sized online stores.It’s a free open source eCommerce plugin and in the last few years has seen incredible growth.

Woo-Commerce through WordPress is perfect for smaller businesses and those with less developing experience. It does the job of selling your products and as you grow, you can add the many plugins available to build a better experience for your customer. It’s also the best solution if you’re used to the WordPress interface or already have a domain set up and you now want to make products available to buy through your site.

Magento is the most popular eCommerce solution for most online shopping stores – mainly because the platform offers a lot of flexibility and customization.With nearly 21% of the world’s top 100,000 ecommerce sites built on the Magento platform, it is by far the most popular and one of the best ecommerce CMS’ being used today. Like WordPress, Magento is open source, which means it allows developers to easily customize the look and functionality as required

Magento tends to be popular with larger businesses or agencies who manage e-commerce sites on behalf of clients. Magento is scale-able, so it’s perfect for those with grand plans or an existing successful online store. It has a few more basic features and once installed by a developer, the extensions are brilliant too. However, you’ll need a big budget to set this kind of store up.

One thing to remember is that Magento was designed specifically for e-commerce stores. However, that doesn’t make the plugins and extensions to a WordPress site any less effective. Woo-Commerce isn’t a standalone CMS, but it works within WordPress.

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