When did you last update your website? Does it look outdated? Does it look like the one’s in 90’s? You website is the most powerful marketing tool and it must be updated with the current trend. Failing to do this will lead to serious implications on your business. It will decrease in the conversion rate , lead generation and put customers off.

To be away from all these you need to modernise your website.

Reasons of why you need to think about a Website overhaul:

Does your Website use Flash Animation

Flash Banner and Flash welcome intro were famous 10 years ago. Your customers loved the flash images coming and going in your Home Page.

But now most browsers dont not read Flash images and mainly GOOGLE the king does not like Flash.
Instead of Flash you can now use HTML5.

Have you forgotten Social Media

Social Media is a must now a days. If your website does not contain the social media links , forget being popular. People want to know more about you and your business. It’s then they would think of spending their valuable money on your product.

Social media Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are famous only because they help people get more information which is the trending and popular . You must be active with your posts and blogs, just having a link is of no use.

Responsive Design

Responsive means being compatible with all browsers and mainly your website must be mobile-friendly. If your not found on mobile devices, your just losing the competition.

Think fast in making your website Responsive.

Long Loading Time and Hard to Navigate

If your website takes more than 2 secs to load, then there is no need for your website to be alive. Your business will be successful only if your customers are satisfied . If they don,t get a positive experience when they visit your website they will never come back.

Navigation of Pages within your website must be easy and fast. Think of waiting for a cup of tea when you badly need one.

Quick load times and a great looking website will drastically improve the user experience.

Non-Informative Content on your Website

Does your website contain uninformative content . Such content will kill your conversion rates and lead generation.
Websites should be used as a marketing tool and if you are not providing your customers with the information they need, then they will look elsewhere.

Does your website speak about your business?

Has your business, staff and products changed over the years. Does your website contain all these updated information. If your website is not according to the way your business is running then there is no use of having such website.

It’s time to pick up the phone and get in touch with a web design company in chennai that can address all of these issues. Luckily at Bytesflow Technologies- A Website Design Company in Chennai, we can look at your website, branding as well as SEO as an entire project and tie them together nicely.

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