Computers and Human Beings understand different languages and there is need of an interface to make interactions possible. This interaction is made possible by GUI( Graphical User Interface).

GUIs comes with its own barrier. There is a need to know how to handle and use them. We need to know that a specific button would trigger an action, a hamburger button would hide a menu and so on….

But with the evolving technology and new features interaction with digital services have become more intuitive, more accessible and more efficient.

Every new Technology comes with its own Pros and Cons. If you get benefited by a new technology there will be certain number of disadvantages also. Prioritize your needs according to your requirements and use them in a effective way.

1. Birth of Responsive Design :: Internet Available on Phone

Most of the websites today are Responsive. This is because 27% of people leave a site it it is not Mobile-Optimized. This means when you think of re-designing your website you must meet the need of your customers when they view the website on a mobile device

2.Limitation of Web Page Size due To Mobile Data Plans

Mobile Technology is responsible for the size of the website too. Since Customers sign up on a specific Mobile Phone Plan with a data Limit, Website Page sizes must be considered when they go for a website redesign.

3. No Excuses for Bad Performance

Websites and Digital Traffic are important factors of Business Success, companies have developed tools for browser testing and device testing during your website redesign.
There is no excuse for bad performance of your website. You need to make sure your website achieves optimal performance.

4. Simpler Design will Lead to Higher Expectation

Your website must speak directly to your customers needs . This will be the priority over flashy design.

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