The rate at which E-commerce Companies are growing and the increase in the competition between them, Websites will play a very important role in attracting customers towards their products and services in the years to come .

Due to increase in competition not only E-commerce or other Businesses but Professional Designers will also have to face various challenges in order to provide reliable services and gain reputation in the market.

Features of Web Design for next 100 years:

1. Scrolling Web Pages through gestures

This will be one of the best and innovative technique in the field of web design in the near future. Website Designers will have to design websites that can be easily scrolled through gestures rather than using the mouse.

2. Challenging Graphic Design

Web Design will challenge the Graphic Design in the future. Designers must come up with new designs which has the capability to convey messages better than when compared to graphical designs.

3. More Responsive Designs

With the increase in mobile users all over the world, Web Designers must come out with more Responsive websites that will be adaptable to various devices like Smartphones, Tablets etc.

4. Resizing of Images by itself

This will really be a great innovation in the field of web design , where users will be able to see the images of the product in a perfect manner. Web Designers must design the site in a way in which the images are able to resize in a smart way. Websites must be designed in a way that is adaptable to various screen sizes and resolutions.

5.Web browsers will be universally same in all aspect

Web browsers will have the capability to read the valuable messages of websites in various popular languages.

6. More convenient way of accessing the website

Web Designers must design the website in a more convenient way for new online users. This will help a new first time online user to access the Internet and view his favorite products and other useful information.

These are some of the innovation features which you will experience in the field of web design in the near future.

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