According to GOOGLE Analytic’s, businesses are searching for both Web Design Company and Web Development Company. These two terminologies only differ by the Website Building process which requires unique skills.

We will now see, Why is it important to know the difference between Design and Development before you build a website for your business.

Web Design refers to the layout, its usability and other visual elements of a website.

Web development one the other hand uses Languages such as HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT and PHP to bring the design to life.

What should a WEB DESIGNER Do??

A Web Designer should mainly focus on the requirement of the client. What is the sole purpose of the website? What business is the website going to carry? What is the main Goal of the Website??

  • A Web Designer balances the layout of a website. A Web design usually consists of 2 elements: 1. Dark 2. Light. A professional designer helps in achieving this balance website design.
  • Contrasting the right color plays a major role While designing a website.
  • Emphasizing certain important elements in the website is very important. If 80% of a book is highlighted in yellow…. does anything really stand out???
  • Next comes the most important aspect of website design…. Consistency is the major web design principle….

Now we will have a look at WEB DEVELOPMENT

A Web Developer usually called as a programmer…. takes the design created and builds a fully functioning website.

A developer usually breaks the design into various components and then applieslanguages like HTML or PHP to build various pages of a website.

There are more advanced technologies- Content Management System(CMS)

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Magento
  • Drupal

These above technologies help clients to maintain and update their website.

Companies usually get confused when they want to design a new website or re-design an existing one.There are Companies who provide both Web Design and Development under one roof.

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