Let’s state the facts! Everybody needs food for life! But more than “what the world eats”, “how the world eats” has changed a lot. The food delivery business is now a $150 billion industry worldwide, having grown by more than three times since 2017. And this is where the business minds should start using the instance as an opportunity to fulfill the demand by starting a food delivery business. Obviously, having an app like UberEats and its features is the primary and best choice. Are you one of those with such ideas to start a food delivery business and wondering about your app development? Let’s delve into the key features that you must look into when you purchase an app like UberEats Clone. 

But before we get into the UberEats Clone features, let’s understand why you need to choose UberEats Clone and why it is the best choice out there in the market. 

Why UberEats Clone? 

UberEats, one of the best food delivery business players was founded in the year 2014. Profoundly it has been worked out and proven that food delivery can be a successful money-making business by UberEats. It has been a fair experience with an inspiring case, in terms of both the entrepreneurs and the consumers. 

To make it crisp and short on why you must choose UberEats, for developing an app like UberEats:

  • It has an easy business model for the food ordering and delivery business. 
  • It has a successful proven history in the market.
  • The App structure of UberEats is so simple and essential to be used by all. 
  • It is a scalable model with income sources like commissions, subscriptions, deals, premium offers, etc. 

Now, that we know UberEats is the best choice to build an app like UberEats, let’s discuss what are all the key features that you must incorporate in your UberEats Clone App

UberEats Clone Features to Look at in the UberEats Clone Script Development

UberEats Clone Features

  • Intuitive Interface:

    This is one of the most important UberEats Clone features. Ensure the interface of your UberEats clone is a clean and neat interface that will function in a flawless manner. Only that will help in engaging the users to stay active on the app, eventually increasing traffic and getting conversions.

  • Advanced Filter and Search Options:

    When a consumer opens a food delivery app, the very first option they want to use is the search option. That search can be either for their favorite restaurants or food or cuisine. So incorporating this search process with advanced filter options will make your customers’ choosing process easier and more exciting.

  • Adaptive Design:

    While developing your UberEats App Script, inform your development team about having an approach that involves multiple layouts for different devices and types for your users, admins, and drivers with appropriate screen sizes. 

  • Customization of App:

    While building an app like UberEats, discuss with the developing team, how you have planned your business model of delivering food. You can bring innovative features into your app with customization according to your requirements for your particular business. 

  • Personalization for Users:

    Adding a feature that will have an adaptive interface inside the app for users according to the user behavior with full of personalized suggestions in options of food and restaurants will add more possibilities for conversions of sales.

  • Registering Account:

    Keeping the process of registering and creating an account in your UberEats App is very important to be short and simple. Limit it to essential and vital information collection like Name, Phone number, Email ID, and Address. Asking for too many details at this stage might annoy users. So keep it as simple as possible. 

  • Push Notifications:

    Having this as one of your UberEats Clone features allows you to send push notifications to users for updating and marketing purposes will help create trust and increase conversions. 

  • Payment Integration:

    The percentage of people preferring online payments is increasing drastically with advancements in the digital world. Remember to integrate different payment gateways in your App Like UberEats to provide multiple payment methods to your customers. 

  • Live Order Tracking:

    Live order tracking as a feature helps in the transparency that you have with your customers. Customers get to track their orders lively helps them build trust in your business and brand. This is a beneficial feature in terms of owning loyal customers and maintaining a strong customer base constantly.  

  • Rating and Review System:

    Let your customers give their ratings and reviews of food ordering, delivery experience, restaurants, food, etc. This will help you to improve your quality of service by knowing what your customers expect. This also helps you to know if anything went wrong from your side while delivering when there is a bad rating score or review so that you can work on fixing the issue. 


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