With the extensive advancements in the field of web technology, almost all the business models have their own website. However, the first thing which will pop into everyone’s mind when an e-commerce site is being set up would be the thoughts on which programming language is best suitable. Any e-commerce website has the basic demand of being functional to the maximum extent, thereby depending on the type of the dynamic nature you are planning to exhibit via your website, the programming language has to be chosen. Below are the top languages used for e-commerce scripts and websites. Take a read!

1. Javascript

Having dynamic capabilities, Javascript is one the major scripts which are widely accepted and used in the web browsers and mobile applications. It also helps in getting the interaction done between one page to another in the case of e-commerce websites. For any kind of front-end development, it is vital that you are familiarised with HTML and CSS, however, the major coding part lies with Javascript.

2. Python

For development to be done faster and easier, Python language can be used. It has multiple features and is the number one programming language. Since it evolves with the efficiency and readability that is required for any e-commerce site, it is the most preferred language when it comes to getting an e-commerce script done.

3. PHP

Top e-commerce platforms put to use the programming language of Ph. Widely popular and adopted amongst multiple firms, PHP is a scalable and efficient programming language which is easy to learn and adapt as well. Focussing on object-oriented function calls, the coding style for PHP will be a bit different from other languages but the ultimate result will offer the right output that is expected.


The base framework for any e-commerce site is built using HTML programming language. WIth multiple development tools paving way for the HTML scripts to be coded on, the mere functions of image appearance, hyperlinks, layouts of pages and almost every element in a page can be formatted with the use of HTML scripts.  
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