Things to check before optimizing an existing site

Optimizing a site plays a major role for every company in today’s market. Lets see some important steps to be followed before optimizing a site.

Check the age of the domain

Before optimizing a site it is important to trace out the age of the domain.This means looking for the age of the website and the length of time a domain has been registered.

Is there a canonical issue with the domain?

Canonical issue with the domain tends to check whether there is any duplications in your websites URL .This issue must be sorted out.

Is the site search engine friendly?

Before optimizing a site it is a must to check whether the site is search engine friendly. This makes a lot of difference during optimization.

Has the site been previously optimized?

Check whether any steps are taken for optimization earlier and in what ways. This would help us to save time as well as use important methods for further improvement.

Check the URL structure of the site

The structure of an URL should be checked and should be relevant to the content of the page.

Check for broken URLs

See if the URL of the site is full length one or a broken one.

Run a crawl check on the site

Crawl the site before you keep the first step to optimize.It means the relevance of the page content, descriptions…

See which keywords the site is already ranking for

Before optimizing a site the keyword used for that particular site must be analyzed.Keyword plays a major role for optimization.Keyword is the key factor on which optimization depends on.

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