Getting along with the online food delivery or ordering startup phases is really not easy at instances because of the high competitive trends. Modern and high end innovations are rightly required to stay top in the competition. A ton of impressive concepts and technologies can help to bring up your online food delivery startup to a greater extent. The innovations must have a positive impact on your UberEats Clone.

Smart Assistant

We are already aware of our Google assistant right! Likewise, there are many virtual bots or assistants which are merely programmed to listen and act or respond to the connected users. A number of tasks can be done, even without touching the phone. This basic feature must be present in all sorts of smartphone devices. So, why not use it for the food ordering purpose too? 

You can come up with your food delivery app with features to support all kinds of inputs from the smart assistants. This mind blowing feature is already available in many other top food ordering and delivery apps. Nowadays, many AI enhanced assistants Google home, Alexa etc can also be used for the process.

Order with a voice note

According to research, this feature is still in the development phase. Voice tracking technology is the main basis for this concept. You can leave a voice note about what you want to order on the respective space which will be given in the application. When the application is opened, the voice tracking sensor gets enabled ‘on’. It tracks the person’s voice note to select the particular dish from the given menu.

Ordering through Instagram

And very well, Instagram has become a part of our lives. So,if a customer is having an IG account, in which his location is already synced on, then food ordering can be made so easy. It can be done just by sending a simple text with a given format to the respective food delivery social page, and thereby food can be ordered rightly.

To get back the origin of this, Domino’s introduced this feature, where ordering through twitter is made possible. Ordering food in many modern ways like these, will definitely help you in higher marketing. People feel highly interested to use this feature.

Bot delivery

Many AI powered bots or drones can be used to deliver food orders based on the requirements. Particularly in peak hours, food delivery personnels are scarcely available and makes a delay in food delivery. So at these instances, autonomous drones or bots can be used to deliver the food.

The process is simple. These bots and drones navigate with the help of GPS and camera. Once it gets reached to the destination, an OTP or confirmation can be entered and the food can be delivered. But this is really a cost effective and expensive method to implement. 

Crypto Currency

Crypto payment has become a new normal or may be the trend in some of the food delivery startups. But this cryptocurrency concept has not been followed in major market trends,yet, the scope for them is really bright. For instance “pizzaforcoins” accepts fifty different types of cryptocurrencies and processes their orders.

Many fraudulent activities can be eliminated with these cryptocurrency transactions. And this can also be used as one the payment methods by the customers among many.

Modern advertising

Are you just starting your business and need to spend less and gain more? That too especially in marketing? Then, many modern advertising methods pave the way for it. Augmented Reality is one among them. This is generally done with the mobile in which the mobile camera is used to superimpose the 3D images on your screen.

For example, an 3D image of pizza popping up on the screen can be shown which comes up near for us to take a bite.  This really helps in establishing a great emotional connection with the customers. This is really an interactive and fun filled method.

Bottom Line

Adding innovative concepts in your UberEats clone not only keeps you ahead in the competition but also makes it efficient to run your business. Following a trendy and new approach will definitely enhance your user interface. Are you developing your application from the UberEats clone script? 

Then applying the latest and advanced technology concepts to your online food ordering script will help you reach immense heights in your business. Want to get more innovative ideas ? We, Bytesflow will offer you great ideas and methods to build up your own food ordering and delivery app. Visit Us to know more.

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