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PHP has been one of the earliest, most consistent and most popular programming languages for a long time now.

PHP has been one of the earliest, most consistent and most popular programming languages for a long time now.

CakePHP is a web framework for rapid application development (RAD), which admittedly covers a wide range of areas and possibilities. It provides a solid architecture for what‘s known as a CRUD (create/read/update/delete) interface.

CakePHP makes building web applications simpler, faster and require less code. With a lean MVC architecture, and a clear set of conventions to help the framework do most of the work, even application scaffolding and code generation tools to bake your code, it’s all about making the process easier .

Maintaining a migration path for developers has always been a priority, helping applications stay up-to-date and on the very latest and greatest version of the framework. This has always been a trademark of CakePHP. Not only are there clear outlines for the new features and updates expected between versions, but also migration tools, which handle most of the work for you.

Some of the striking features of Cake PHP that makes it a desirable web development platform:

  • CakePHP is easy to set up and requires minimal coding
  • It has a built in database authentication
  • It also uses built in features for validation
  • Built in Object Relational Mapping Framework.
  • It maintains a flexible caching system and ACL.


Advantage of Cake PHP Development

  • Highly functional and efficient web solutions that are specially tailored to suit your business needs.
  • Experienced team of cake php developers who deliver output as per your expectations
  • Experience working with various industry verticals and a history of successful project delivery at all times.
  • Robust web applications built with the latest cutting edge technologies
  • Maintain high confidentiality
  • 24 x 7 technical support and maintenance
  • 100% transparency, through-out project


So, if you are looking for a generation next website with high standards in security, reliability and performance, Cake PHP development could be your answer. We provide a gamut of services using cake PHP to give that initial boost to your online business.

Starting off the right way will definitely set the right direction for your business to grow! Also, check our cutting edge products to kick start your business today



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