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Why you should use Windows

Installing cPanel enables you to easily manage and monitor all the most important aspects of web hosting, thus helping you improve your website’s stability and security. Regardless of the size of your database or the amount of content you produce, cPanel interface lets you keep track of your databases and ensure maximum performance of your website.

What can you do with Windows???

  • Want to scale or convert images on your site without having to use a graphic editing software & reload everything again? There’s a function for that in cPanel .
  • Need to backup and restore your site? No worries, you can do that with cPanel. It helps you save some money .
  • Want to know who visits your site and how many visitors coming to your site? yes! cPanel can help you with that and more…
  • Want to protect directories of your site? Consider it done! cPanel can do that too…among others you can use this feature to create a simple membership site for instance.
  • Somebody is stealing your bandwidth by hot linking your images? cPanel can help you to put an end to that, easily…
  • Sick and tired of being bombarded by those nasty SPAMS? Fight back using cPanel.
  • Need to upload/download files to/from your server faster?
  • Need to redirect some pages of your site? yes! There’s a feature for that too in cPanel .
  • Need to send messages to a large group of people? yes! You can do that with the mighty cPanel.




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