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Every business conversation today revolves around SMAC – Social, Mobility, Cloud and Analytics. The cloud is empowering enterprises to transform their businesses – by accelerating digital innovation, enabling agile business platforms and shortening time-to-market. Cloud is the corner stone of a future-ready enterprise. A cloud service is any resource that is provided over the Internet. The most common cloud service resources are Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service.

The explosive growth of cloud computing brings data protection to the forefront for customers and businesses alike. This three-part guide will help you recognize major opportunities, establish client trust, and identify the must-have services for your backup business. SaaS is a software distribution model in which applications are hosted by a vendor or service provider and made available to customers over a network, typically the Internet.

PaaS refers to the delivery of operating systems and associated services over the Internet without downloads or installation. LaaS involves outsourcing the equipment used to support operations, including storage, hardware, servers and networking components, all of which are made accessible over a network.  SaaS, PaaS and LaaS are sometimes referred to collectively as the SPI model. Cloud services are the same thing as Web services. However, the term cloud services has been more commonly used as cloud computing has become more pervasive.

Here are the top five cloud features you should know:

On-demand self-service: Your business can use the cloud to obtain, configure and deploy apps without any IT heavy lifting. Many cloud vendors provide templates to front-load most of the configuration work your IT team would otherwise have to create

Resource pooling: The cloud gives you the ability to centralize your IT resources while spreading use across all available servers. The cloud maximizes the shared computing power to efficiently distribute capacity as needed.

Virtualization: Virtualization is an important facet of the cloud. By creating a virtual, rather than physical, version of your application topologies you can move those topologies at will across clouds and between your data centre and the cloud.

As an added bonus, the cloud increases accountability of usage and scalability. As the Cohesive FT folks put it, “Just think of how, in the early days of email, all electronic communication was saved to your particular computer, whereas it’s now accessible from any computer, network or device.”

Cloud vendors work the same way to provide virtual access to the CPU, memory, storage, and network.

Accessibility: The cloud allows your business to launch applications across platforms – from laptops to Android phones to Apple TV – making your resources more accessible and also more reliable. If the office network goes down, data are backed up to the cloud and still available on a tablet, for example.

Scalability: The cloud’s ability to scale up or down means your company doesn’t have to hoard data or computing capacity for the rare instances where demand spikes. On-demand scalability is sometimes better expressed as elasticity.

Today’s cloud computing model can provide you with cost effective IT options. You only pay for what you use and you can easily scale your technology needs as your organization grows…just as you do today with other essential utilities. Let us show you how the Cloud Computing model can run just like other utilities that your organization depends on. You pay someone to provide electricity, water and gas, and only write a check for what you use each month.  Therefore, why spend money on running a technology operation in-house and pay for more than you need? It simply costs too much and may have little or nothing to do with your core business.

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