The new concern for Google right now is providing security to the users system. Google is mainly targeting the security of the websites in the search results.

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure(HTTPs) is the key parameter on which Google will check the security of your website. HTTPs encrypts the information between the site and the browser. It protects the security and privacy of what ever you browse on your website.

Webmaster’s who are currently using HTTP should update to HTTP’s in order to boost their ranking.

Updating to HTTP’s will prevent users from opening a site which is carrying a Virus or unwanted files that might harm your computer.

So when Google says do it, then lets do it….
Why does Google prefer HTTPs for SEO Ranking??? What are the SEO benefits Of HTTPS?

HTTP’s offers an extra layer of security for your data. It works in conjunction with another protocol called the Secured Sockets Layer(SSL) protocol which transfers your data safely.

The reason why Google prefers HTTP’s is because users can be guaranteed that the site will encrypt their information with that extra layer of security. To rank your website high on Google you need to be certified for your websites security.

Once your certified, you become a trusted third party by Google. When your browser recognizes a secure website, it uses the information in the certificate to verify the site.

There are 3 layers of protocol when we use HTTP’s which is secured via Transport Layer Security Protocol(TLS)

1. Encryption
2. Data Integrity
3. Authentication

As per Google, sites which use HTTP’s has a small Ranking benefit because of these security aspects.
Google has provided some tips for best practices when switching to HTTPs.. Have a LOOK…

Here are some some SEO benefits when you switch to HTTPS

1. Increased Ranking
2  Referrer Data
3. Security and Privacy

The clear conclusion is that switching to HTTP’s will  help you to stay in good grace with GOOGLE.Security for your site and your users is the most important aspect of making the switch from HTTP to HTTPS.

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